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Do you wanna read a Stardew Valley Comic?

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  1. AkaiNatt

    AkaiNatt Space Hobo

    Hello people, I'm new here in the forums but I'm not a noob playing stardew. I love the game as you, for that reason I was thinking in something probably interesting...

    I love make comics and I was thinking to make a comic about stardew valley. You know the game has a lot of story and secrets, the idea came when I was wondering what if we can taste the food of stardew valley? It's simple but that gave me a lot of ideas to represent the story of Stardew Valley in a comic. Probably someone else did this already, or not...

    But for me, if there are enough people that wanna see something like this... porbably I'll do it just for big fans of the game.
    Also, I'll acept your character's desing to protagonize some chapters, your ideas, your reactions when you saw some of the important cinematics in game. Everything!

    What do you think?

    Thanks for take your time and read this.
    If I have some mistakes, excuse me, english isn't my main language
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