Music Youtubers copyright strike for an ingame ambient sound

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Forcedminer, Jun 14, 2021.

  1. Forcedminer

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    I was chatting with a gal today and she asked if i'd pass the info on to raise awareness about it on these forums.

    she uploaded a video which was the glitch barron mission where you fight all the cultists.
    when she uploaded it, it had a few copyright strikes from the ambient bird sounds.

    now, no worries there she said she can easily remove them using that youtube beta thing.

    the bird sounds linked to this video which was released this year.
    listen to just the intro and you should know its the usual forest/jungle kinda ambience

    I don't know the bird sounds but i can only assume they were like royalty free or something to make it easy on the starbound devs while they were making the game,
    but i got a bad feeling this song might of accidentally copyrighted those bird sounds and if so other starbound youtubers might be getting these copyright warning strikes as well.

    possibly streamers too if it reaches that far.

    i don't plan to do anything about this other than post it here and attempt to raise awareness about it.
  2. Moor Oakheart

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    I understand if it's song or music. But this is absurd. It's just a bird sound. Why in the world would people want to copyright a sound coming from a bird that can be heard anywhere on Earth?

    Anyway, I don't think I want to argue with it, but again, perhaps you should address this to Chucklefish. Probably they can sort it out, and to avoid further conflict.

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