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    This is my take on bosses please no; "This has been posted already"
    Bosses are a real issue for me with the whole randomization aspect of starbound. When I kill a boss I go to my friends and say "I killed whateveryoucallit" and then they go "Really? That's so cool!" If bosses are randomized they'd just be a harder normal monster in my opinion because there is no real awe to it. Having randomization is cool but like everything it comes with a toll. Hand making bosses would take longer yes, but in the long term would give more satisfaction. The dev's don't need to do it alone, we the community can suggest ideas for the creation of these creatures. That what I think on randomization on bosses, though maybe they won't be randomized at all we don't know. I just really wanted to address how I felt about them. Now for actual ideas;​
    Terrain Destruction
    Now the stereotypical boss I think of when people say boss is a massive towering monster, that doesn't always have to be the case but in this scenario it will be. To start of with I want them to be able to destroy trees, trees are in the background and if it goes like it was in terraria (I hate relating the two sorry) then the trees only get destroyed when the blocks they are one get destroyed. Having a huge mechanical boss chasing you through a forest smashing apart the trees would give the game some character. Now I wouldn't go to far and have bosses leave footprints that smash apart the ground. We want reasonable destruction for we don't want the planet ruined and have to waste all those resources to terraform it. i am not saying remove terrain destruction all together but leave it to special attacks like double fist smash for giant like creatures or laser guided missiles. Not a common attack because we want the boss fights to last a while and if the attack does do minimal terrain damage time will stack the effect.​
    Special Bosses
    Now I would love to see bosses where you need your space ship to fight them (When space battle are added of course) because then you can have bosses that are a huge threat like Galacticus. Maybe destroying a whole planet is a bit too much, but having something horrible happen that forces you to fight the creature and fend off a planet would be a fight worth the whole game. Another thing I would like is bosses that use the background layer of the planets, like in the giant tentacle planet picture maybe its not the planet but a boss. (This is not what I think this is something that would be cool) Having interaction to the background would be limited, by doing something a tentacle in the background would retreat (The bosses in the background would interact with you more than you would it, not a whole boss parts)​
    General Suggestions
    In terraria (Sorry again) once you got to a certain point you could farm bosses, if you can farm them they are not really bosses now are they. I don't want to be able to farm bosses they need to be a constant challenge at all points in the game. Maybe certain items will make killing it easier or faster but not to the extent of farming them. Maybe you can do this by making them only killable once, I'm not so keen on that idea either though and I have no reasons right now. Now the thing about some games, when ever you fight a boss it's hard so you ask a friend to help. Now it's easier this makes it a bit less interesting where you can get 12 people have the fight end quicker. Bosses should get harder for the amount of people that are fighting it.​
    I shall be added more as time passes check in every so often please. If you like and wish to support these ideas please like and up vote this suggestion.
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    I only disagree with you on the farming issue. A level 10 boss should not be a challenge at level 100. It just shouldn't. But neither would the loot be worth getting at that juncture.

    Also, I want mid-level bosses to become fairly easy to kill at higher levels so that if I'm digging down on a virgin planet to get some deep-down resources and I happen to dig past a level 50 or 60 boss, I don't want to have to spend 30 minutes dispatching it if I'm level 100...I want to be able to stomp that sucker in a few seconds and get back to the task at hand.

    Lastly, I've never seen a game that was both:
    a.) successful at attracting an audience big enough to make the game viable
    b.) didn't have some farming in it
    I think someone somewhere will always find a way to exploit legitimate game mechanics to whittle boss-gets down to a science.
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