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Advanced Stuff 3.0 - Starbound 1.1

Some more advanced stuff for starbound

  1. MythixDino
    Basic Information
    This mod adds some more useful stuff to starbound, like new mining tools, swords, guns, storage. Most of this mod is end-game stuff.
    This is my first mod. Any help is very appriciated. If you know how to improve my mod, please PM me. (please don't blame me about art, because I'm not very good at it.)

    How to start
    It isn't too difficult to start with this mod, you should start with the mining tools and then create a new strong item: starconium. (this can be crafted at the magnetic crucible.)

    Images / Screenshots
    Image 1: Advanced Mining Laser
    Image 2: Starconium Rocket Launcher
    Image 3: Elite Storage Locker (320 Slots!)
    Image 4: Starconium Armor
    Image 5: New ore: Erythrite

    The more difficult the planet, the more this ore will spawn. Also it's most common near the planets core.


    How to install
    Just download the mod, and put the .modpack in your mods folder.
    Compability with other mods / servers
    The mod should be compatible with any mod. The mod doesn't change game assets.
    Regarding servers, this mod isn't tested on a server, but it should work. Please report to me if this doesn't.

    Modpacks & source files
    If you want to add this mod to a modpack, I'm fine with that, but please post a link in the discussion to your modpack. Notice: I've created this mod, so if you include this mod in a modpack, reminds that credit goes to me. I'm allowed to revoke this mod at any time.

    About changing and redistributing: Ask to me before changing the assets of this mod. Mostly I will deny it, but there are some exceptions.

    Bugs / Issues
    If you found a bug / issue, please post these in the discussion tab. It will make it easier to resolve them. Please do not include them in your review.

    Suggestions / Questions / Support
    If you want to suggest something or ask a question, please do this in the discussion tab. This also includes balance of the stuff.
    Support is always welcome :) I'm a beginning modder, so don't expect much from me :p

    Thanks to:
    ChuckleFish, for making starbound moddable
    My other mod:

    Configurable Stack Size
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Update time!
  2. Glad Giraffe compability
  3. Minor fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. cat2002
    Version: 2.0 GG Stable
    The storage lockers help a lot.
  2. texniko
    Version: 2.0 GG Stable
    Sorry for my english , but the idea is good , I would like to further develop this content .
  3. Oscar magnifico
    Oscar magnifico
    Version: 1.2 PG Stable
    Good mod
    1. MythixDino
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  4. crossdogg
    Version: 1.2 PG Stable
    Thats great11!!
    1. MythixDino
      Author's Response
      Nice, thanks for reviewing :P
  5. billwopeh
    Version: 0.1 PG Stable
    The elite storage makes storage rooms less cluttered and the mining laser makes terraforming to build much quicker.
    1. MythixDino
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)