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[Airless Dungeons] [v.1.1]

Dungeons don't need to breathe... right?

  1. Omega_novakid6
    Version: [v1.0]
    Pretty nice you got something to help with getting some of the dungeons going on worlds. Though in use I keep finding all the tundras just turned into moon terrain basically kind of ruining the spawning of biomes which can appear on tundras. Just wondering if that is just a by product or unintentional effect.
    1. G.Xyon
      Author's Response
      Super late reply, but a reply nonetheless! From the multiple reports I've been having, it seems to be an unintentional side-effect that may affect unexplored pre-generated worlds within the universe chunk the player currently is. To my knowledge, generating a new chunk somewhere to the off-side should fix this issue.