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Archemis Armory 0.5

"Archemis, the magic of life; its essence, which binds us to this mortal realm which we call home."

  1. Small performance update!

    Salutations, fellow Archaemius practitioners!

    Tonight's update brings forth some performance updates!

    +/- Slight Archemius Imbuing Station Changes
    The imbuing station now accepts multiple stacked items instead of individualized items! Any ritual that contained 2, 3, or 4 of the same item is now accepted stacked instead. Additionally, several tweaks to how animation was handled were made in preparation for fancying up.

    +/- Optimized several projectiles, mainly those spawned by the imbuing station. The projectile count was cut in half and several projectiles have been optimized. This will pave the way for simpler animations.
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