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Augments Station 1.1.1

This mod adds a station to extract/split/upgrade/combine lures, reels, collars, and augments.

  1. Bug Fixes and Compatibility Additions

    • Fixed a bug allowing collars/augments of the same type but differing tiers to be combined.
    • Fixed a bug with Frackin Universe augments which caused a crash after being combined due to a tooltip issue.
    • Added the ability to upgrade Frackin Universe augments which had differing tiers of the same augment.
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  2. New Features and Overhauls

    • Overhauled the augments station GUI to allow for more features.
    • Added support for extraction of lures/reels from fishing rods.
    • Added support for splitting/upgrading of collars and augments.
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  3. Fixed Issues with Certain Collars and Augments

    • Fixed an issue with certain collars and augments not combining due to the total-effects-calculation algorithm erroneously determining the limit had been exceeded (i.e. the 'Ghostly Collar' uses 7 and the 'Mobility Augment' uses 2 base effects to produce its overall result, and now count as a single effect).
    • Fixed an issue with the 'Oblivious Collar' breaking upon combination due to its special nature (i.e. it uses a 'damageTeam' field to make the pet passive).
  4. URL Update

    • Updated the mod's URL in the '_metadata' file.