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Outdated Avali Race Mod 0.12.4

The only fluffy nomadic space raptors!

  1. 0.12.4 - Now with more bugs!

    • Fixed sounds associated with the two new doors.
    • Fixed error where tech door needed perfectly generic items instead of steel blocks
    • Fixed error where all shortswords did impervium-tier damage
  2. 0.12.3 - Now with more directions

    Updated for new stable build.
    • Shortswords and claws are now also directional.
    • Melee weapons now have much shorter striking window.
    Axes will be added in the future, i have some plans for those now :)
  3. Now with yet more fixes

    Couple more minor fixes that got past the radar
    • Fixed a couple more broken/missing recipes
    • Fixed visual/colouring issue with culinary station
  4. Now with more fixes

    Couple minor fixes, as figured there's always a couple bugs that slip by:

    • Fixed syntax error in container recipe
    • Added 2 missing door blueprints
  5. Now with more bling

    As always, delete the previous copy of the Avali mod before installing any updates.
    • Metric f**ktonne of new (Fully colourable) furniture props:
      • Storage crates
      • Kitchen stuff
      • Proper chairs.
      • Added Doors
      • Revamped existing tables, and added more
      • Storage options such as drawers and cabinets
      • Lab containers
      • And more...
    • Expanded colour options for existing props.
    • Couple of new tiles/materials.
    • Data storage and LED displays now render behind...
  6. 0.11.1 - Now with less baldness

    • Fixed missing masks for headgear, hair now appears (or is hidden) correctly
    • Fixed Terminal #3 so it can be placed adjacent to other terminals
    • Tweaked hammock to allow placement with no background (Hang it between trees!)
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  7. 0.11.0 - Now with ALL THE COLOURS!

    REMEMBER: Delete the original mod before installing the update. You should always do this anyway, but you absolutely have to do it this update.
    ALSO: The mod features extensive dyemod support and features. I highly recommend you install dyemod! (It's multiplayer compatible!)
    • Made a metric f**k-tonne of props dyeable...
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  8. 0.10.1 - Now with more everything (and then some)

    • All new melee weapon sprites, tier 1-10 added
    • New hit visual added to aerotech weapons
    • Armour, clothing and melee weapons can now be dyed (Requires dye mod)
    • Avali spears allow directional attacks
    • New material
    • Fixed glass/aeroponic sprite mix up.
    • Fixed perfectly generic items appearing in music vendor list
    • Restored Avali vocalisations to original set.
    • Small containers can now have objects (or more containers) stacked on top of them
    • Light blocks now behave...
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  9. 0.9.1 - Now with less bugs than Chucklefish

    • Fixed inventory icons for terminal 3, data storage, glass, ribbons
    • Added lights, terminals to known recipes
    • Added missing light recipes
    Just tidying up a few minor bugs that slipped through.
  10. 0.9.0 - Now with more long grass


    • Added micro-encounter framework and several encounters
    • Added encounter reward chests (guaranteed data chits)
    • Added several new general props
    • Added new modular hologram props
    • Added handful of new building materials.
    • Introduced info terminals/holograms (Backbone for the up-coming codex system)
    • Aesthetic changes to several existing material blocks.
    • Fixed missing frames on...