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Avali (Triage) 1.9

Return of the most adorable predators this side of the universe rift

  1. Downsizing!

    THIS UPDATE IS 100% OPTIONAL. is completely compatible with 2.1.0.

    The only difference here is in the file size. Unnecessary data has been stripped from all 868 PNG files in this mod, which has led to the mod being nearly HALF as large. (Maybe this improves launch performance (or performance in general) as well, because Starbound doesn't have to load as much physical data? I don't know.)
  2. Sorry.

    I don't even know. I'm just pushing out an update cause there's been a lot of changes and it's been too long since last update. Sorry there isn't much wittiness for this update, I haven't been feeling 100% lately (And I recently had my phone stolen)

    +Vertical Panels! They look like a smooth version of nanocanvas!
    +Avali bandits and trader camps as microdungeons! They'll spawn randomly across (vanilla) worlds, much like the normal bandits and traders!
    +Enabled a piece of the avail villages...
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  3. Demilitarization

    Nothing much here, just a few fixes:

    Bows and Pilums have had their damaged fixed, but like every time we make changes to weapons, your old weapons won't be affected.
    Luthor's dungeon files have been removed, but he's not giving up on them. He just doesn't want to risk breaking worlds if his dungeons are broken. He's still working on them!

    Uh... I think that's it.
    ....... Oh hey, nobody got fired this time.
  4. The big two point oh!

    Avali update 2.0!

    Luthor614's changes:
    +New Avali structure, a bunker! Disabled for now, but the files are in place. Luthor614 will be finishing this up soon, hopefully.
    +Village guards now have their own armor! NPCs were unable to use vanity slots, so if we gave them the player armor, they'd look naked all the time. We didn't want naked guards, so we let them use the cosmetics. Unfortunately this left them unprotected against anything, so now they have a special set of armor!
    *Speaking of...
  5. Delays galore!

    After 17 interns in a row were hired, then fired soon after for not pushing out an update for you guys, we finally found one that would do it. He's getting fired, too, though, cause he didn't even type out a decent description, he tried to ship this update out without telling you guys what was in it.

    Your Light Blocks can now sink into the wall, meaning you can put them at head height without smacking your face in them. You'll find a new "Solid Light Block" in your lathes, this one mimics...
  6. Whoops

    This time we ACTUALLY did all the things we said we did in that last bulletin.

    The previous intern has been fired.
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  7. Now with 100% more arrow!

    Sorry about that, folks, it seemed we forgot to tell your printers how to tell the RCDs how to make arrows. This bit of information seems to have been causing your printers to error out and display (And print) one of those godawful Perfectly Generic Items.

    This new update includes little more than the arrow information. Though, it does contain an attempted fix for the Inset Lights shining the wrong direction (Don't ask us how that happened, we didn't touch them.), but this fix wasn't all...
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  8. Flashlight fix

    *Removed duplicate "Price" tag from flashlight
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  9. Bows! And chainsaws! And more! EXPLOSIONS!

    ..... No, that explosion is not part of this bulletin. A certain Mr. Torgue decided he'd show up to the offices today. He has been forcefully ejected.

    -clears throat- Anyways. Your lathes have now been upgraded with the ability to make chainsaws. Just feed it a bit of durasteel, aerogel, and graphene, and you should be the proud owner of a brand new, never before seen chainsaw. .... Well, /we've/ seen it, but none of your friends have. You'll be the hottest thing in your pack! ... Until the...
  10. Gardening handbook!

    We've pushed out an update to your printers, namely aimed toward your Aeroponics tubes. We've fixed the previous issue that was providing insufficient nutrients to plants on the tubes, as well as the drying out issue. Previously placed aeroponics should get the update as you pass by them, thanks to the wonders of your matter manipulator, but if you still have some tilled and dry, you're going to want to make that wet soon. In about a week's time, that particular state (Dry Tilled)...
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