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Outdated Avian dancer outfit and instrument 1.0

Fancy clothing for avians.

  1. Updated to work with current version

    Sjach Silajir
    Crafting recipes updated, outfit updated to not be separate by color per outfit and now works with dyes.


    1. preview image.png
  2. Avian dancer outfit and instrument

    Sjach Silajir
    v 0.1.0 (upbeat giraffe) - old (most recent version in overview).

    An outfit for avian players along with a matching keyboard. All items in this set can be crafted.
    - Feather Keyboard crafted in the default crafting window at no table with 5 bones, and 5 sandstone blocks.
    - Avian Dancer outfit can be crafted at a spinning wheel for a total of 15 fabric, 5 per piece of the set. Note this outfit has no armor or bonus stats and is for vanity only so it is recommended to wear it in the vanity...