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Betabound! v8.2.11

A large mod bringing back tons of new content!

  1. Shock Sphere
    Shock Sphere
    Version: v8.2.9c
    This mod is still a blast, go ahead with this project it's one of my favorite mods to date.
  2. galaxiis53
    Version: v8.2.6
    *happy noises*
  3. Shock Sphere
    Shock Sphere
    Version: v8.0.1.9
    What a great mod! It is the best thing in reviving beta items and mechanics, it changed my gaming experience quite a bit.

    PS I could add the Jelly Boss in a future update
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
      aww! thank you :D

      I'd accept your offer, but everything thus far has been me alone, and I've already gotten the Jelly working :3 I just gotta polish it, change some recipes, finish the minions and their attacks, and we're done with that!