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Blood Mod 1.41

More blood during combat

  1. v1.41 (Starbound 1.2 patch update)

    Updated damage files to work with Starbound 1.2 patch that added elemental damage, new hit types, and sounds. Reduced version isn't updated as of yet.
  2. 1.4 Reduced Version

    -Redrawn dagger and ranged foreground splatter
    -Added reduced blood size alternate file back
    -Added missing blood effects for ice barrier death, poison plasma guns, and standard shotguns


    1. defined.png
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  3. Update 1.3: Range Fixes

    -Redrawn foreground blood splatter animations to improve smoothness and increase clarity to target
    -Fixed no death blood effects for electric pistol damage
    -Reduced foreground blood splatter for daggers and ranged weapons
    -Fixed multiple visual errors with range damage:
    Duplicated blood effects appearing in front of characters making it difficult to see
    Incorrect start animation positions
    Incorrect velocity
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  4. Update 1.21

    -Removed hit bleeding effects for default damages. This will remove bleeding from blocked attacks, acid rain, and barbed wires. It's Currently unknown if something else gets disabled as well. This effect was used for mostly everything in the early versions of the game.
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  5. Update 1.2

    -Added gore piles on kills (experimental)
    -Minor blood amount adjustments for bladed weapons
  6. Update 1.1

    -More color variance for blood drops
    -Increased duration of hit blood stains
    -Fixed infinite x-axis velocity for blood drops and added variances
  7. 1.0 game update

    -Updated to match changes made to weapon effects and sounds in version 1.0 of the base game
    -Blood splatter "embers" now stains the environment and stay for a longer time
    -Reduced blood size alternate file temporarily removed


    1. 3.jpg
  8. 0.07b Update 2

    Reduced blood size is now part of the download
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  9. v0.07a Upbeat Giraffe

    -Updated to work with Upbeat Giraffe
    With the JAN patch some sounds were updated and the new lash damage now has bleeding

    Just an update for the patch, nothing else was changed. There maybe new bugs that will appear with the update.
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  10. Update 0.07

    -Slightly reduced 2-handed blood spurt size
    -Certain special weapons will now have blood effects on death
    -Re-done effects for range damage
    -Fixed hammer kill effects size
    -Tweaked spear effects
    -Slightly darken blood color
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