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Bunnykin Race 3.1.2

Adds the Bunnykin race to Starbound

  1. Holy spitshine batman!

    There have been a few things about Bunnykin that have bugged me for a while. So I finally got around to fixing em.

    Natural colours are default, vibrant colours must be patched in *uploading in a few mins*. This will not affect pre existing characters.
    Small grammatical fixes
    Rehauled outfit filenames. Old files are still in the mod and have their desc listed they are outdated. I recommend crafting newer clothing items, and trashing the old ones.
    A robed Bunnykin has appeared at the outpost, what does she want?
    Outpost now has a random Bunnykin visitor! Yay!
    New kilt n shirt, craft at spinning wheel.
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