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Bunnykin Race 3.1.2

Adds the Bunnykin race to Starbound

  1. dirt to dirtmaterial in recipes

    Recipes asking for "dirt" now ask for "dirtmaterial"
  2. Bug fixes

    Fixed spelling error in grumble dialogue
    Fixed error in converse dialogue
    Flag recipe
  3. Recipe fixes

    Fixed tier 6 recipes asking for humantier 5 armour
    Fixed bunnykinnudebunlegs recipe producing wrong item
  4. WIP update - so many goodies!

    Bunnykin objects! Attract those Bunnykins to your lovely abode.

    Custom S.A.I.L.

    1 new ear. It should look familiar ;D

    Old Granny May - She has stories to tell, but she's not ready to talk yet! Pay for her at the inventors station.

    Mysterious merchant - not much to sell atm, but that will change. Pay for him at the inventors station.

    Bunnykin Mannequin, fits right in!

    Updated codex cover.
  5. More Bunnykin!

    Fixed kilt missing pattern for 1 frame

    New object: bunnykinspawner. Made at the anvil for 20 silver bars and 750 in pixels. Spawn a horde of Bunnykin!

    No native villages, but make your own with the Bunnykin spawner or the Colony Deed.
    Npcs are basic, but I'd like to expand them.
  6. Left Cape behind after rollback

    Had to rollback the mod to fix some issues, left behind the herobuncape >_>
  7. Fixes and a Flag

    Includes raceflag
    Fixed clipping with Overalls
    Fixed colour of warp animation
    Fixed the protectorateship sprite
    Fixed story ship sprites to have correct colouring
    Fixed issues with armour not finding default frames files
  8. Removed some not needed files, and added others.

    Removed .frames files from /items/ as they are not needed

    Added /interface/scripted/techupgrade/suits/ and interface\ai\suits
  9. Ship not appearing in the cutscene

    Ship sprites weren't in the right folder, "/cinematics/story/smallship"
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  10. Armour, body colours and weapons

    41 more colours

    1 more ear

    Tiered armour 1-6

    3 New weps for the tier 6 armours

    I am unsure about the weapon damage, so if it's really out of whack, please let me know how I can adjust the numbers