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Vehicles & Mounts

Any mods that add new vehicles and mounts.

Top Mods

  1. XS Mechs - Vehicle Edition
    6 Excessively Destructive mechsuits - Cheerful Giraffe - by LoPhatKao
    Updated: Jul 19, 2017
  2. Skizot's Dozers
    Vehicles of mass destruction :) - by LoPhatKao
    Updated: Jun 9, 2017
  3. WIP: Explorer Pod Vehicle
    A exploration porpuse vehicle so u can fly and dive alrough. - by luki3m
    Updated: Aug 11, 2016
  4. ZZ Mech Modifications
    An expansion to XS Mechs! - by ZimaZang
    Updated: Jun 24, 2017
  5. Mecharachnid Mk. II
    Defeat the fearsome Mecharachnid to claim it for yourself! (It's a spider tank) - by Wellbott
    Updated: Dec 16, 2016
  1. Shadowblitz16

    RocketBoot Tech Fix 1.0 - Pleased Giraffe 2015-09-29

    RocketBoot Fix 1.0 - Pleased Giraffe
    2/5, 1 rating
    Sep 30, 2015
  2. Peelz

    Boats! v2.5 Pleased Giraffe

    Sail the open seas!
    4.75/5, 20 ratings
    Sep 5, 2015