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Cherub Race Mod(updated) SB v1.3.0+ Mod V1.0

The Cherub race from Homestuck

  1. Cherub Race working again!

    So I updated my cherub race Mod to work with starbound versions 1.3.0 and above. I'm gonna update my troll race too, soon. I just updated this one first because it's the one I use myself and I realized my race was ultimately broken in the newer versions.

    The downside is, I haven't re-added the recipes and items nor the namegen. So in order for you to continue playing on a save from an old version, you have to load Starbound with the old version of my mod and go into the save and trash the cherub related items. Then save and quit, replace the old version with the new one, and everything will be in working order.

    Otherwise, it's fully working again. Let me know of any bugs and crashes.
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