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Classical Weaponry 2.1

Brand new melee weapon types, with more coming soon!

  1. Vinderex
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Version 2.0 changes the IDs of all items. This unfortunately means that any already in your possession will become Perfectly Generic Items upon updating.
    If you want to use the spawnitem command to restore your lost items, the new IDs follow this format: "cw" + <item name without spaces> + "alt"(only if it is an alternate form, like dark titanium, gold durasteel, or blue tassel on the halberds)
    So for example, a dark titanium rapier would be "cwtitaniumrapieralt", and a regular durasteel halberd would be "cwdurasteelhalberd".


    My aim is to make weapons that are balanced and fit into the vanilla game seamlessly (unless otherwise noted of course). How do you think I'm doing? Do you think a weapon's underpowered? Overpowered? Is the crafting recipe reasonable? Help me improve this mod even further by leaving a comment in the Discussion!

    Hello and thank you for your interest in my first mod!

    This mod was inspired by, and started out as a personal addon for Jareix Cryvix's Sallok race, which will be featuring rapiers as one of its racial weapons, so credit goes to him for the idea! After playing around with it a bit, and trying my hand at adding on a few new weapons to it, it wasn't long before I had come up with enough new rapier designs that I figured they deserved to become a mod of their own. And so it began!
    Now after dissecting the game a bit and learning how to mess with more stuff, like unique combos etc, I'm going even further and creating more weapon types, each with a unique feel and utility to them. These aren't just eye candy weapons that handle exactly the same as the vanilla weapons at the end of the day. These weapons are brand new classes of their own, with their own characteristics making them different from any others!

    Current Weapon types:
    -Rapier: Lacks the weight and power of most swords, but makes up for it with a fierce, lightning fast 6 hit thrust and slash combo attack.
    RapierPreview2.png VioliumRapierAnim.gif solusrapieranim.gif

    -Saber: A bit slower than the rapier, and lacks the ability to aim, but its wide slashes cover a larger area, and it also has a bit more knockback. Uses a 5 hit slashing combo attack.

    -Estoc: Somewhat slow, but stronger attack power and knockback as well as longer range. Sort of like a one-handed spear in a sense. Uses a 3 hit stab combo attack with the final hit dealing the most damage.
    EstocPreview.png VioliumEstoc.gif solusestocanim.gif

    -Halberd: A spear-like weapon with a bladed edge. Slow, but has long range and covers a large area. Uses a 5 hit slash and thrust combo attack. Its standard special attack is Heavy Cleave: a high-damage charged swing.
    HalberdPreview.png violiumhalberdpreview.gif solushalberdpreview.gif

    Planned Weapon types:
    -Katana: Standard attacks will be well balanced with decent (but not great) range, width, speed and power. Its special attack however will be its greatest strength: Iai Strike: a fast and very high damage attack for quickly finishing off enemies, but its low knockback and long cooldown time mean you will be left wide open to counterattacks if you fail to kill.
    -Several Unique weapons, including an enchanted longsword, a rapier variant with special attacks, and a pistol-sword!

    How To Obtain:
    The broken epee (Starter tier rapier) may be crafted with your bare hands using only a few pixels. All others may be crafted at your anvil, with the respective upgrades required for the higher tiers.

    Known Incompatabilities:
    Ninjas Play Free: It apparently modifies some of the base game assets, some of which happen to be used by the high tier halberds, causing them to break.

    Future Plans:
    -More alternates for each tier.
    -Endgame weapons that will be extremely difficult to craft, but ridiculously powerful.
    -New unique special attacks. (Need to learn more about how these work first)
    --Fleche Strike: Dash past your opponent while attacking.
    --Riposte: Parry an attack and then counterattack with increased damage.
    --Wound: Inflict a deep wound that continues to deal damage over a long time period.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. uglywolf
    Version: 2.1
    thank you for spear combo
  2. EpicNomming
    Version: 2.1
    Fantastic sprite work, custom movesets and great animations, even adding the detail of the energy weapons' blades forming and fading.
    Phenomenal work!
  3. nefrem
    Version: 2.1
    Very good mod, well balanced with incredible sprites !
  4. In_A_Hat
    Version: 2.1
    Nice one, I was searching for a mod with more solarium/violium swords.
  5. nova_clockwork
    Version: 2.1
    i feel classy with the rapier
  6. maniekrate
    Version: 2.1
  7. doodfoododo
    Version: 2.1
    Pretty good my guy
  8. baconsama25
    Version: 1.7
    Great mod and art, aside which in my opinion the weapons are too big (rapier and estoc ), it fits very well into the game and it was a needed variety. I hope you also add more two handed weapons ( say something between the current 1h and 2h swords), and even ranged weaponry.
  9. The First Nova
    The First Nova
    Version: 1.5 (fixed recipe)
    amazing mod I love it few questions 1. is this out on steam and 2. if not can I publish it giving YOU full credit?
  10. SurfinDolphin
    Version: 1.5
    This is excellent, I wish to see more special skills and styles for rapiers and the upcoming sabers. I always loved rapiers, sabers and katanas rather than the impractical swords all generic knights tend to use.

    10/10 mod for someone who wishes a more diverse combat system like me. Adds variety to weapon-types and keeps the game fresh. :D