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Clean & Block for Barns & Coops 0.9

Cleans area in front of hopper, and blocks animals from wandering there.

  1. Version 0.9 Release!

    Changes in v0.9:
    • Now uses the "EditMap" action of Content Patcher 1.8
      • In theory, this will allow this mod to cooperate with other mods wanting to Edit the Barn* and Coop* maps
      • Provided, of course, that those other mods use the "EditMap" action instead of "Load"
      • Please ask the maker of your Barn*/Coop* map modder to switch to using "EditMap" :D
    • Expanded the NPC Blocker area in front of the Barns' entrance nook to ensure non-blockage...
  2. Add UpdateKeys to manifest.json

    No changes in map, just adding "UpdateKeys" in the manifest.json.