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Corporate Expansion 1.1.2

Corporate Expansion

  1. 1.1.2: Bug fix

    Released Update 1.1.2:

    - Fixed a bug that caused files in Betabound to be overwritten
  2. Bug fixes

    - Fixed a bug that caused errors if Enhanced Storage/Improved Containers is installed while Betabound is not installed

    - Fixed the M2 CFG-19 being unobtainable outside of admin mode

    - GMC Weapon blueprints prices adjusted and no longer give duplicate blueprints
  3. Update 1.1.1

    - Added Green's Dye Suite compatibility

    - Added Enhanced Storage & Improved Containers compatibility, thanks to Silver Sokolova for allowing me to use scripts from Betabound!

    - Added a new GMC Light Machine Gun, the M2 CFG-19
  4. Tiny fix

    Fixed a typo that broke a crafting recipe
  5. Corporate Expansion 1.1: Full Throttle Update

    Introducing Corporate Expansion's first major update, Version 1.1: Full Throttle Update! Version 1.1 features:
    - A new crafting station, the Stamping Press, for manufacturing General Munitions Co. weapons and equipment
    - Spawnable Item Pack compatibility
    - Support for planet mods such as Arcana, Frackin' Universe, and Maple32
    - More than double the amount of furniture since version 1.0
    - Rayguns, a new class of GMC weapons
    - New cosmetics, including a boatload of dyes
  6. Update 1.0.2

    Update 1.0.2
    Minor additions and fixes:

    - GMC military bases now more likely to spawn on jungle planets in addition to other planet types

    - Fixed an issue with inventory mods caused by the GMC bullet shell item's category type

    - Added missing recipes for GMC fridge and countertop

    - Updated barracks workbench inventory icon sprite
  7. Update 1.0.1

    - Added admin-only recipes for Barracks Workbench and GMC Ship Teleporter

    - Added GMC Teleporter to Outpost teleshop

    - GMC Military Bases now spawn more frequently on Scorched planets, in addition to Snowy, Desert, and Savanna