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Cutebound: Lamia 3.0

Matching the Sneks to Cutebound.

  1. 3.0 is here!

    Everything in the .species file is now in .patch format and the Eyes have been updated again to be slightly darker. Rejoice for compatibility!
  2. One quick fix, my friend

    Had to re-add the black mascara as the eye-tint changing one messed up the face. No biggy.
  3. Head, Body, and Colors Update: Getting Emotional

    Matched the head, body, skin, and hair to current version of Cutebound. Also added the correct emotions file for the...emotions. Hey, no one ever said I was a poet 100% of the time, alright?
  4. Update: New Heads and Bodies!

    Updated the Heads and Bodies; the eyes now change color with your scale color, and the snake-stomach is lighter and less saturated.

    See above for an example.
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  5. Fixed Metadata

    Added a basic Metadata file that should put the mod right below the "assets" folder's load priority to ensure that the mod loads correctly on all systems. If this doesn't fix it, please let me know.