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Drill Tweaks [v1.3]

Making drills an alternative again.

  1. G.Xyon

    As the game progresses, it feels that most analog tools have slowly been losing their luster in preference over to the Matter Manipulator; while entirely normal, it certainly feels that drills have been left behind. This mod focuses on tweaking the drills to feel useful and become a REAL alternative to the fully-upgraded Matter Manipulator.

    • Durability of the drills has increased to 3000, from 1000.
    • Slight upgrade to their mining power, bumping each value by +0.5.
    • Slight upgrade to their mining speed, improving the fire speed to 0.75, from the default 1.
    • Area of mining has increased to 4x4, from the default 2x2.
    • Prices have been adjusted at the Ursa Miner to reflect the change.
    The main basis of these buffs is mostly due to a couple of things, namely the fact that drills have quite a short range, relative low durability, and the Matter Manipulator does its job extremely well even from long distances. With these improvements, drills excel in short-distance mining and quick work while still retaining the element of durability and wear-and-tear. The Matter Manipulator now fills the niche in medium-to-long distance mining and decent work while being unbreakable.

    Due to the simplicity of this mod, I will:
    • Expand and improve on the vanilla assets as I, or the users, see fit.
    • Modify and balance the items, adjust recipe prices, and overall tool usability.
    • Be open to the idea of also tweaking Pickaxes, however there are mods that do this considerably well.
    However, I will not:
    • Be adding more fancy gadgets and gizmos that do the same function of a mining tool. There are a plethora of wonderful and successful mods that do so already.
    • Exceed the usability of the items, by making them have infinite durability or cheaper than what they already are in vanilla.
    • Make the tools excessively-efficient. The key word here is alternative, not efficiency.
    • Enable repairs on drills. While the code is in the patch files, it has been disabled as there are already mods that do this. This mod focuses on buffing drills, not making them repairable. Enable at your own risk/convenience.

    Policies on:


    Asset alterations for personal use:

    Asset alterations for server use:

    Have fun mining!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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