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Easier Fishing (Standalone) (1.4 BETA + 1.5) 1.5a

Easier Fishing Standalone

  1. Xylia
    This mod only works on the ENGLISH version of the game!!! Other language support will come in the future.

    The Easier Fishing Mod, officially uploaded to the Mod Repository.

    The original mod was created by @steffjes and is located here:


    But it was never officially uploaded to the Mod Repo that I am aware of, so I'm uploading it (and also, the original creator has not been on the forums since July).

    If there's any sort of problem with this, a moderator can remove the mod.

    This version of the mod is updated for Stardew Valley 1.2 and 1.3 BETA.

    This mod does not require any API tools, and is a stand-alone mod.


    1). Download the .zip.
    2). Select 1.4 BETA or 1.5, whichever you are currently playing.
    3). Select "easier" or "super_easier".
    4). Copy the Fish.xnb to \Stardew Valley\Content\Data\.
    5). Enjoy!

    This mod makes most fish significantly easier, but does not remove the fishing mini-game entirely. Some of the Legendary Fish might be mildly difficult still, but much more reasonable than vanilla.

    The super easier version makes it much, much easier.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT THE NEWEST VERSION IS NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK. If it crashes your game, you can Verify Game Files in Steam to revert the change.

    Please let me know where and when you were fishing if a crash happens so I can narrow down which fish caused it.

    NOTE: I've noticed that someone has made an XNB->SMAPI tool that allows you to convert XNB mods to SMAPI-compatible mods.

    I expressly give consent for anyone to convert this XNB mod to a SMAPI-compatible one, and I'll link to it here.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Oopsie!
  2. Updated for 1.5
  3. 1.4 BETA

Recent Reviews

  1. Ik4muzu
    Version: 1.5a
    I still can't catch a thing, is definetly not working for me... I'm on version 1.5.6
  2. Pepperina
    Version: 1.5a
    Funktioniert trotz Mod ├╝berhaut nicht
  3. noradeluty
    Version: 1.5a
    The reason I downloaded was to get some help catching the Glacier fIsh, and I have to say it doesn't help that much.. works with other fish though!
  4. GuayTeaw
    Version: 1.4a
    Works just fine with 1.4 beta
    Thank you so much!
  5. Kiddameh
    Version: 1.4a
    works very well!
  6. SoaringDragon42
    Version: 1.3b
    Works a charm and alleviates fishing frustration.
  7. oshaugm
    Version: 1.3b
    I play using PC/keyboard and I was having a HORRIBLE time fishing. Really, really bad. Now with this addon, I can actually catch things and am now Fishing skill 2! (Only been running the addon for an hour or so.) Thank you so very much!
  8. pinklady64
    Version: 1.3b
    Works great with beta
  9. liandreth
    Version: 1.3b
    thank you so much. I suck so bad at fishing so this is super helpful :)
  10. FrAndromeda
    Version: 1.3b
    Thank you :)