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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.2.0 - Starbound 1.3 Compatibility Update

    Version 2.2.0 attempts to fix any issues introduced by the new vanilla 1.3 update. Additionally, this compatibility patch includes a decent amount of new content, along with plenty of background work in preparation for the next playable race. Additionally, in celebration of reaching over 25000 subscribers, Nenehki the Starfarer also has a new gift waiting for any player who has defeated the Ruin!

    The changelog for this update is as follows:
    -The Avikan Stove now functions as a campfire instead of a cooking table
    -The Droden Frame Workshop can now be crafted without Avikan Metal, fixing some early-game progression issues for the Droden
    -Unique Weapons can now be exchanged for 100 Tokens of Merit at the Token Exchange
    -Token Exchange interface has been shrunk in order to combat lag issues introduced by the new, more modular method for calculating an item's Token of Merit value
    -Reduced cost of Sealed Avikan Caches to 125 Tokens of Merit
    -Mining Lasers now have secondary abilities for more precise/slower mining
    -Fixed an issue where Zaheed was missing frames for his head flaps
    -The Starfarer's Refuge is now a combat-enabled region, although this change will only be noticeable in PVP servers as it is still impossible to kill NPCs
    -A new room, the Vanguard Shooting Range, has been added to the Starfarer's Refuge. Access requires a security card obtained from a newly introduced quest
    -Made some minor architectural changes to the Starfarer's Refuge to make room for the new Shooting Range
    -A new merchant in the Vanguard Shooting Range now sells Unique Avikan Caches, which contain a random Unique-rarity item
    -Added multiple new Unique Weapons, and made it possible to obtain some previously unobtainable Unique Weapons
    -Projectiles from non-laser shotguns now have a randomized speed, making bullet spread look more realistic
    -Added new Modular Mech bodies for all races
    -Added several new Modular Mech parts obtainable though newly introduced quests
    -Added files for a new remote-controlled Drahl unit in preparation of a future update. The remotely controlled Drahl unit can already be spawned in using admin commands
    -Rebalanced a small number of weapons
    -Made some minor cosmetic changes to the Starfarer's Refuge
    -And more changes I'm forgetting to mention here!
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