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Elithian Races Mod - A Starbound Expansion 2.3.10

A Starbound expansion mod which adds multiple new races and additional content

  1. v2.1.5 - Content Update

    Version 2.1.5 introduces a large number of fixes to common issues, and also adds a bunch of new content for all races. In celebration of the mod having reached over 10000 subscribers on Steam, Nenehki the Starfarer will offer a unique gift to any player who has defeated the Ruin! Claim your reward now, as it will only be available for a limited time.

    The changelist for this update is as follows:
    -Crafting recipes which were previously missing from the Crafting Guides have now been added, and will properly unlock when the Crafting Guide is picked up
    -Improved mod compatiblity by changing how Elithian Races modifies vanilla treasurepools (the mod now adds items to existing treasurepools instead of overwriting them)
    -Fixed Trinkian crewmembers and NPCs spawning with Perfectly Generic Items equipped
    -Fixed an issue where tier 1 and tier 2 Avikan spears shared the same stats
    -Fixed an issue where some weapons weren't unlocking in the Unique Weapons collection, or where the wrong collections entries were unlocking
    -Fixed an issue where Avikan tier 6 seperator legs were not craftable
    -Fixed an issue where the overlay for Trinkian repair pods was missing
    -Fixed misplaced input and output nodes on Trinkian ship doors
    -Made input nodes on the Avikan Vault Door change depending on the object's orientation
    -Fixed an issue where some generated Trinkian structures used the wrong background tiles behind doors
    -Fixed an issue where the running backwards frames were missing from some back items
    -Avikan and Trinkian Colonies (generated settlements) are now protected by a Shield Generator
    -The freezing effect of the DS-03 FROST now kicks in earlier, at the cost of the target being frozen for a shorter period of time
    -Gave Avikan NPCs custom speech sounds to set them apart from the Florans
    -Made the Avikan Ship Railing craftable
    -Made Avikan and Trinkian Caches more common by adding them to the treasurepool for small containers
    -Improved jumpweapons by enlarging the jumprifle projectile explosion, and adding a secondary ability to jumpweapons
    -Made Droden Legionnaire armour dyable
    -Added a secondary ability to all Trinkian Longprods
    -Made Trinkian Roof objects able to be placed upside down for greater creative freedom
    -Improved Trinkian roof sprites to look more three-dimensional. Sprites are courtesy of community member Storm_UK
    -Added Trinkian Rooftop and Underside entrances, courtesy of Storm_UK
    -Added a Trinkian Sloped Door, courtesy of Storm_UK
    -Added an Avikan Vehicle Plate: a pressure plate which can only be activated by vehicles
    -Made existing Droden weaponry craftable, and added a new Droden pistol and sniper rifle
    -Added a Desert Wetlands microformer to the possible drop pool in Ancient Vaults
    -Added a new Avikan spotlight object
    -Added a new Avikan Pet Tether
    -Added a new Avikan Pet Healing Station
    -Added a new craftable Trinkian FROST Canister, which instantly freezes any targets hit by the grenade's explosion
    -Added a Centensian Teleporter to the teleporter stores
    -Added craftable Avikan and Trinkian Shield Generators, so you can protect your colonies from grieving
    -Added a new programmable Avikan Keypad, allowing you to lock doors or other wired constructions with a five-digit passcode
    -Added a new Avikan Alarm object
    -Added craftable turrets for the custom races
    -Extended the Droden Legion Terminal interface, allowing you to recruit Soldiers, Engineers, Mechanics or Medics
    -Added new Unique Weapons in preparation of future updates. These weapons can already be spawned in using admin commands
    -Added a Vanguard Krahl (mech) vehicle in preparation of a future update. The mech can already be spawned in using admin commands
    -And more changes which I'm forgetting to mention here
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