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Elliott Marriage Dialogue Expansion Version 1.2

Expands the after-marriage dialogue for Elliott

  1. Sabreene
    I wanted more from the dialogue once married, and so after reading some other wonderful dialogue mods, I was inspired to expand Elliott's married dialogue. This adds about 20 lines, plus numerous "expanded" conversations, so the more you click, the more you hear.

    I haven't play tested all of the lines, which is why I'm categorizing this as a work in progress. I've edited several times, correcting little mistakes and phrasing here and there, and I think I've caught all I can at this moment. Sometimes you need some distance, before you can find more to edit!

    If anyone notices something that seems off or any other type of mistake, please let me know!

    All the new dialogue is SFW, though there are hints and I suppose if looked at in the right light, a tiny bit of suggestiveness, much like an otome game. They are married after all! And, as it is Elliott, it's rather fanciful, romantic and might be a bit over-the-top-cheese for some people, but again... it's Elliott. I tried to keep all dialogue realistic for my vision of him.

    To sum up:

    --The original vanilla lines were pretty much kept intact, except for a phrase or two and adding some variation to the portrait use at the end of sentences.
    --More lines were added to sections (Rainy Day, Indoor Night, Good, etc).
    --Lines were expanded, so there's more to the conversations if you continue to click on Elliott.
    --Some "Bad" and "Neutral" lines were added, since Elliott had none.
    --Adds about 20 lines of new dialogue, plus numerous "expanded" conversations.
    --SFW, but romantic, fluffy, may need an extra helping of crackers for the cheese, and very very tamely suggestive at times

    The zip file includes both the .xnb file and the .yaml file. To use, insert the.xnb file into your Content - Characters - Dialogue folder, and let it overwrite the "MarriageDialogueElliott.xnb". Always backup the original first! (I have included an original copy just in case). The .yamb file is included if would like to read the dialogue in notepad++ (or another program) before using it.

    On a side note:

    I may add more to it in the future.. I like the idea of adding more lines to the spouse-room, and just more lines in general for greater playability after marriage. To go along with this, I've also expanded Elliott's main dialogue, but it's still in the alpha stage. I need to do a few more edits before I set it free, even as a "WIP".

    In regards to the expanded main dialogue that I'm working on -- it's one of the 100+ line types, but I've left some spaces open for merging because I love the Doki Doki Dialogue for Elliott, and want to encourage people to use both. There are so many days, that I feel even with these open spots, there's much more than a person can read in one playthrough. If you haven't read the Doki Doki dialogue, you should!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.