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Enemy Health Bars 1.9.1

Add health bars to enemies!

  1. OrSpeeder
    This is a health bars mod for SMAPI


    Current version is 1.9 for SMAPI 3.0


    • Non-cheaty, to see more precise information you need more combat skill, or kill more of the enemy type.
    • Hand-crafted position for the bars, they should be in the right place for most enemies.
    • Can handle 1.05 zoom properly.
    • Bar can get bigger or smaller to reflect enemy size or power.
    • (1.5) Show numeric value of enemy health.
    • (1.5) Configurable colour scheme.
    • (1.6) Enemies that rely on you not noticing them on the screen need to be hit once to show the health bar (example: shadow enemies, that rely on shadows...)

    Other suggestions of Combat UI is welcome.

    Using: just unpack the .zip on StardewValley "mods" folder. You can edit "config.json" to choose colour schemes, currently only scheme "0" and "1" are available, the "0" being what most people expect (green healthbar for enemies that are full health) and "1" being the "inverted" version (full health enemies have red health bar).

    This mod is open source: https://gitlab.com/speeder1/SMAPIHealthbarMod

    Please, help me on Patreon!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. PurpleFlareon
    Version: 1.9.1
    Very useful mod.
  2. ShadowDragonCub
    Version: 1.9.1
    Please post on the existing nexus page instead of only posting updates elsewhere.
  3. Riverspoke
    Version: 1.9.1
    Please add this update to the already existing page of the mod at NexusMods. There is no reason to come to another site and download the update individually.
  4. alisablink
    Version: 1.9.1
    Umm.. is there any reason for this update to not be available on Nexus?
  5. dennisw100
    Version: 1.9.1
    You should update the version on the Nexus too so people are not forced to go here for the newest version
  6. Zelow79
    Version: 1.9.1
    This should of been available on the Nexus. I am super annoyed I was forced to make an account here just to download this. Believe it or not, some people don't like making 500,000,000 accounts all over the internet for no good reason. Either this site needs to rethink how it allows people to download from it (IE: Not force people to have an account) or mod author should upload to the nexus as well, where all the other mods people will be using are properly hosted.
  7. game9
    Version: 1.7
    Thanks for sharing it! This is very good!