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Extended GUI 2.13

Bigger GUI windows

  1. 2.13

    Only added extendedgui:true to all .config files that are modified by Extended GUI
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  2. 2.12

    - Starting to phase out compatibility with other mods as the mod "Many Tabs" will handle this.
  3. 2.11

    - Codex compatibility with Elithian Races Mod
    - Removed cockpit files included by accident that was causing issues
  4. 2.10

    Codex window back
  5. 2.9

    All .config file replacements changed to .patches.
    Old cockpit extension removed.
    Codex extension removed.
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  6. 2.8

    Mod compatibility
    - Fixed position of Frackin' Universe spinning wheel armor tab.
    - Extended furnace upgrade "Fussion Furnace" in Frackin' Universe.
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  7. 2.7

    Fixed pixel compressor
  8. 2.6

    Fixed missing close button.
  9. 2.5

    FTL animation resized to fit Cockpit/Navigation window
  10. 2.4

    Resolved text placement when Frackin' Universe is installed at the same time.
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