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[FFS]Feast of Fire and Smoke 2.0hotfix2

Last generation of gunshop/gunners mod

  1. Lyetzi's Gunshop Mod 1.1.0 GUNS & ARMORS


    Gunshop V.1.1.0 Update
    -41 Gunvendors are added for solving Intermittent lag problem.
    -7 Armorvendors are added.
    -19 Sets of armors are added. ( Total 57 parts )
    -Added Witch hunter's Favorite.
    -Added Flashbang
    -Fixing Whole weapon's sound effect volume to 75%.
    -Whole item's description
    -Fraggrenade's price is changing to 900px from 1200px
    -Glock18C sound problem
    -Colt Single Action Army sound problem
    -MK.18 Mod.0 CQBR sound problem
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    1.1.0 will be updated when performance problem is solved.

    Gunshop V.1.0.5 Update
    -Added 78 New guns.
    -Rebecca, Mechlee is added to Crafting menu.
    -Revamped whole merchant's products chart.
    -Rebecca : Automatic Pistol
    -Mechlee : Revolver
    -GS25 : Sub-Machine gun
    -SOBWAY : Rifle
    -MechDonald's : SniperRifle
    -Alice in wasteland : Shotgun
    -Akemi's Arsenal : Machinegun
    -Lyetzi : Anti-tank
    -Changed few gun's spec.
    -M3 grease gun's name is changed to M3A1 grease gun.
    -Redrawing m3a1...
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  3. 1.0.4 Bug fix

    Gunshop V.1.0.4 Update

    Bazooka's price bug is fixed.
    AKM is changed to AK-47
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  4. Another version of Non-steam user.

    Sorry for my late.
    I didn't think about non-steam use. xD

    Have fun!
  5. Lyetzi's Gunshop Mod Openbeta V.1.0

    Lyetzi's Gunshop Mod Openbeta V.1.0

    Guns only!
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  6. Gunshop Mod 1.1 Update


    +1.1 UPDATE

    - No more title!
    - No more Reload Sound ( it will be added in other way ;D ).
    - MG Series stance fixed. ( this will be applied when you upgrade your guns.)
    - G3 description fixed.
    - M14 skill name fixed.
    - Blackmarket owner sprite have gold brow!
    - Each (6) SVD Dragunov have unique name


    Detective Special, Webley MK.IV, Colt Trooper, Colt Python, Ruger GP100, MP412 REX

    MSG90, PSG-1, WA2000

  7. Lyira's Gunshop Mod 1.0

    Gunshop Mod will be updated in Steam Workshop.
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  8. New guns now available!

    -All weapon has 3rd revamp.
    -Energy sounds are replaced to reloading sound.
    -G3 2,4,6,8 tier added. (Battle Rifle)
    -FAL 2,4,6,8 tier added. (Battle Rifle)
    -SR 2,4,6,8 tier added. (Sniper Rifle)
    -All weapon has own color.

    Maybe next update will..

    -SMG or Shotgun

    and just planned..
    -9,10tier weapons
    -Dollar for saving money

    Hav a good game!

    ps. if there any problem you find, just tell me.
  9. Gunshop Lite 1.1

    -Armalite, Kalashinikov, usmg revamp.
    -Gun arts are reworked.

    -Added list

    4 types of Russian MG
    4 types of M14
    4 types of SVD
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  10. Lyhn's Gunshop Mod Lite

    Lite version for gunshop users.

    1~8tier AR, 1~8tier AK, 2,4,6,8tier MG.

    if you can't download file, click here