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Flash Mod (Super-Speed tech, kinetic damage and suits!) 1.1

Tap into the Speed Force to move faster than light!

  1. redfoxdev
    Flash Mod for Starbound

    I am glad to announce that I was joined by QUIMKONG, a very talented artist who also shares my passion for creating this mod and who now works hard to deliver all the beautiful artwork for this mod. Almost all the current graphics that you see in the mod was made by him.

    • redfoxdev - programmer
    • QUIMKONG - artist

    This mod does what you think it does: it grants you powers to move as fast as DC Universe Speedsters such as Flash or Reverse Flash. It also lets you look like one.

    Cosmic Treadmill

    The Cosmic Treadmill is the ultimate crafting station for all the Flash Items. You can craft it at Inventor’s Table.


    Speedster Tech

    Speedster Tech is the Head tech that allows you to ultimately tap into the Speedforce and move at super-speed. To get it, first you need to craft the Speedster Ring on the Cosmic Treadmill and then activate it. This will save it in your tech list and momentarily equip it.


    Press F to run at super-speed.
    Note: when running at super-speed, you will also deal kinetic damage to your enemies and cause them to be knocked back. This is your fighting style as a Speedster!


    Lightning Color Changers

    There are a total of 5 lightning colors currently available for use. They are yellow, red, blue, white and purple. In order to change the color, you need to craft a specific color’s injector at the Treadmill:


    Then, you need to activate it when holding in hand, like a stim.

    Speedster Suits

    In order to protect your identity, you will have 4 suits at your disposal. These are Flash, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick and XS. They can all be crafted with the Cosmic Treadmill!


    What is Done
    This mod does what you think it does: it grants you powers to move as fast as DC Universe Speedsters such as Flash or Reverse Flash.
    • Main speedster mechanic
    • Custom colors for lightning
    • Suits: Flash, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick and XS
    • Kinetic damage from running

    What is planned ahead
    This mod does what you think it does: it grants you powers to move as fast as DC Universe Speedsters such as Flash or Reverse Flash.
    • More suits, especially for Flash villains (e.g. Reverse Flash)
    • Distinctive SFX for each specific lightning color
    • Weapons from the famous Flash villains (Captain’s Cold gun)
    • Mission on Earth and Flash Museum
    • Flash Time (freeze time effect) for some strategic speedster planning!
    • Phasing/Enhanced evasion
    • Better/more optimized algorithm for movement
    • And more!

    Existing issues
    • Currently the direction the hero will be moving in is not always the direction they will be directly facing. This is because the hero is following the outline into the proposed direction and not necessarily smaller terrain at hand.
    • In certain places like caves or little holes the hero might get stuck. This is because the algorithm for following the outline is far from ideal and will be the subject for refinement.
    • The hero won't traverse the same terrain in the same way each time. Each time the hero will get stuck, it will try to cleverly resolve itself and pull out of the stuck terrain in some direction. That is why you might see the hero sometimes running few circles around same block or etc. (which feels pretty cool tho!)

    If you feel like you want to help out with a project: whether you want to design some SFX for it, add art, program cool weapons or enhance the current version with some fancy VFX (like lightning particles), please don't hesitate to contact me and offer your help. Two people can do much but far from what an entire team can.

    Bug report
    Please let me know about any issues you encounter. Feel free to PM me or leave a comment describing the issue.

    • SFX are initially from CW show "Flash" and were made available by The Blast in their "Ultimate Flash Sound Effects Pack".
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. logo.png
    2. hero_image.png
    3. flash_kinetic_damage.jpg
    4. speedster_tech_choice.png
    5. lightning_changer_title.png
    6. armor_title.png
    7. cosmic_treadmill_title.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Rezildsh
    Version: 1.1
    Es excelente todo lo que pensé que haría y más aunque aveces lo uso y salgo disparado hacia una pared y pega un salto que no veas
  2. Compassionateveg
    Version: 1.1
    THIS IS SO FLIPPING COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a tough time equiping it, I did not think of just dropping it. I forget about that is how you equip some items. I spent days trying to figure out what the mod was about. Anyway, so flipping fun!!! Thanks for creating such a fun and useful mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Rao999
    Version: 1.1
    I used to love watching The Flash on CW, though in recent seasons I started getting bored of it. I still love what I remember of it and that show helped me get into DC. This mod is so charming and reminds me of why I enjoyed all those speedsters in the first place. Awesome work!