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Homestuck Weapon Mod (Act Omega) 5/8/17 (AKA OMEGA)

A mod that adds weapons from the web comic "Homestuck"

  1. Omega

    sorry ive been gone for so long, alot of irl stuff happened and i was pretty burned out on starbound, but now im back and will be working on making the mod better. the next update will be the one with all the cool god tier clothing

    if you need to get in contact with me, you can find me on my discord server > https://discord.gg/U8sdeXp


    on my twitter which is @manman_179
  2. Most likely the last update

    this will most likely be the last update for a long while, ive kinda lost interest in starbound for the moment and will most likely not be updating this mod anymore. by the way, some of the items in here still have their old sprites and will probably not be properly aligned.
  3. He was lookind

    Now all weapons require build grist

    also now you can use Jack Noir's Katana, PM's Katana, Gamzee's Clubs, Caliborn's Guns, and Lord English's Assault Rifle.
  4. [S] MM: Update Mod.

    I added more weapons. again.

    this time it was the Black Cane (sword, spear, and hammer variants), the Gold Cane (only spear [next update will add the hammer and sword variants]), And Lord English's Cane.

    Also the new weapons now require Build Grist ( 10 grist equals 1 iron )

    aaaaand thats it, if i forgot anything tell me in the description.
  5. UPD8

    Heres some more homestuck stuff, this time i added the white magnum, psidons entente, the Fear No Anvil, The Green Sun Streetsweeper, and The Thorns Of Oglogoth.
  6. More Weapons!!

    I added some more weapons like Mindfang's 8lade, the hammer of Zillyhoo, Terezi's cane, The Caledfwlch and Caledscratch, the Scarlet Ribbitar, and the Regisword.

    updated it so that you can craft everything at a crafting table
  8. another sbajh quote

    The mediafire link has the zip file now
  9. sbajh quote

  10. Changed the download again

    this time i just made it a zip file