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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Rebalancing and Sprite Changes

    • Rebalanced hunting knives based on the average damage of the randomly-generated shortsword range of damage
    • Rebalanced hunting rifles based on the average damage of the randomly-generated sniper rifle range of damage
    • Rebalanced hunting pistols based on the average damage of the randomly-generated pistol range of damage
    • Fixed Solarium Hunting Revolver and Solarium Hunting Pistol being Tier 5 and not Tier 6
    • Updated the sprites for Violium and Solarium Hunting Knives and Hunting Spears - they also are now animated like the vanilla Violium Broadsword/Violium Shortsword sprites
    • Updated the sprites for the Solarium Avali Hunting Knife
    • Updated the sprites for all the Draconis Hunting Knives
    • Updated how the alt ability of the Violium and Solarium Hunting Spears are called - you will need to either re-craft the spears if you had one - or use /admin, go to a separator addon table, and craft it that way (which will not use up any materials), then use /admin to exit out of admin mode
    • Updated hitbox/swoosh for Jack's Pumpkin Scythe
    • Changed the sprite of the Solarium Bow back to the vanilla sprite of the Aegisalt Bow
    • Changed the Solarium Hunting Pistol, Solarium Hunting Revolver, and Solarium Hunting Rifle to match the vanilla solarium (ranged) weapons
    • Made Aegisalt Bow craftable again (I replaced the output of the vanilla recipe with the Solarium Bow respectively, but never put in a new Aegisalt Bow recipe)
    • Made vanila bows (Bow, Tungsten Bow, Compound Bow) craftable at the farming table again (they are STILL in the anvil AS WELL, along with all the other bows [And the base bow is still in your plain crafting menu])
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