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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. Elfginther
    Now on Steam Workshop
    ITA-Dragon Temple

    Flavor / Introduction:
    Having been forced to flee their homeworld by the Floran menace, the Hylotl are as well known for their craftsmanship as they are for their pacifism throughout the galaxies.

    Traditional handicrafts are almost venerated in Hylotl society, and even the most novice of Peace Missionaries can craft beautiful yet functional works of art. Fables, passed down through the generations, tell of a great water serpent. Whom bequeathed upon the Hylotl much of their knowledge, love of beauty & early technology, starting them on their journey beneath the waves and into the stars.

    Remnants and artifacts of these ancient shrines dedicated to the water serpent can be found throughout the galaxy, hinting at the Hylotl's long lost past. However, the serpent's influence can be felt in the intricate items Hylotl use in their every-day lives the most.

    Getting Started:

    Just fabricate a Calligraphy Brush using some simple timber and five plant fibres. Once you have the brush in hand, feel your creativity flow and be inspired.

    Want to get down to building right away? Craft the Scroll of the Water Serpent and unlock the secrets to traditional Hylotl building materials! These may be needed for many of the recipes included in this mod.


    Or use The Tabula Rasa found here!

    Recipes have been added for all items, making them craftable via the normal furniture, farm & anvil crafting interfaces.

    Mod Content:

    This started as a small project to bring some custom items in game that I wanted to potentially use in my ultimate hylotl village. Most of the pixelwork is custom and makes an attempt to match the style & colors already in game.

    Most of the items have recipes that can be accessed via the normal crafting tables, 3D Printer or admin commands. The majority of items are listed below:

    Items Included in Version: Updated 9/19/2016!
    Ramen Cart Ramencart.gif Now Wireable!
    Traditional Grill (Animated) kamadoicon.png
    Traditional Hearth (Animated) hylotlirorialone.png
    Hylotl Teapot (Animated)
    Hylotl Teacup (Animated)
    Bonsai Cherry sakurabonsai.png
    Bonsai Beech
    Bonsai Cedar
    Step Tansu (Chest)
    A-frame Stool traditionalstool.png
    Ornate Street Lantern (Wire Light)
    Fully Kitchen Set of Cabinets, Sink & Cooking Counter
    Mortar & Pestle
    Hylotl Crate
    Hylotl Anvil (crafting station)
    Brineapple Playset
    Fish Decorations & Netting
    Sake Barrel
    Traditional Hylotl Loom (crafting station)
    Smashable Tatami Cutting Mat Stand
    Arcturan Papyrus - Decorative Plant
    Hanging Tentacula - Decorative Plant (Animated)
    Lotus Emblem
    Fennix Statue / Pet Tether

    New Tools / Weapons:
    Hylotl Parasols (1,2,3,) in Blue, Red and White / Green.
    Calligraphy Brush
    Throwing Fish
    Lobster Trap

    Various Water Dragon Themed Art Objects (Water Serpent Tag)

    Various Shrine Themed Objects (Hylotl Shrine Tag)
    Kodama Statues kodama base.png
    Shrine Bell & Striking Log
    Ornate Doors (Normal & Large Sized)
    Lattice Door (Large)

    Installation Instructions:
    Delete any old versions in your Mods folder. Do not Merge! Unzip and keep all subfolders in the main ITA-DragonTemple mod folder. Enjoy

    To be Updated Soon!
    New Farmables!
    New Pet Tethers
    Ofuda Talismans

    Future Additions:
    Carved Shrine Pillars
    Lighthouse Lamps
    Sealife (urchins, shells, etc...)
    Back Items, Costumes & Armors
    Buoys, Market Stalls with new Tag for Fishmonger Tenant
    Divern Hitching Posts
    Weaponized War Fans
    New Tenants! Ramen chef, Lighthouse Keeper, Shrine Priest
    Additional Items!

    Want more for your Hylotl? Check out Pohany's Hylotl Stuff Mod! We're fully compatible!

    Special Thanks to Xirukai & Sinfai for their art contributions. Also thanks to Sayter & Mackinz for their amazing work & modding assistance during the development of the ITA series. Accolades to the devs at Chucklefish, Dracyoshi of VitSoL and Seancruz of Rise of the Hylotl for helping me fall in love with these fishy people & the game in the first place.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. sakebarrel.png
    2. Capture.JPG
    3. Dojo2.JPG
    4. DragonTemple.JPG
    5. Kodama!.JPG
    6. NoodleCart.JPG
    7. Shrine3.JPG
    8. StreetLamp.JPG
    9. hylotlloom.png
    10. guardianrug.png
    11. Brineapple.JPG
    12. LearnRecipes.JPG
    13. Kitchenaide.JPG
    14. Smithy.JPG
    15. FennixTether.JPG

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Recent Reviews

  1. Lumpy109
    Version: 1.22
    Are you a cultured swine?
    Do you like those pesky fish aliens and cultural appropriation?
    Then this mod is for you!
    Jokes aside, this mod is a solid 5/5 stars, definitely recommend it if you like Japanese style furniture.
    Had this in my collection before I made this account, I'm glad to see this one's still updating.
  2. Yambuza
    Version: 1.22
    Incredible! The where I find the Pearl? Thanks!
    1. Elfginther
      Author's Response
      Try farming a quasihog or two ;) they can be found on ocean planet seafloors.
  3. MidddleAgedDragon
    Version: 1.2
  4. Greenfinger Abibi
    Greenfinger Abibi
    Version: V. 0.80 Recipe Fixes
    What can I say? This mod's furniture is just sooo..amazing!
  5. Utkudakid
    Version: 0.75 Fixed Recipes
    1. Elfginther
      Author's Response
      I added the hylotacinth per your previous request for more plants. It is a platform item without need for an anchor, so it can appear floating in a pond or even suspended in mid-air.
  6. Daoshinto
    Version: 0.75 Fixed Recipes
    Really darn fantastic Objects. Great to spice up any housing or villages. Even has working recipes now (with Tabula Rasa).
    1. Elfginther
      Author's Response
      Thank you Dao! Hope you enjoy it. There's more to come!
  7. MrMadJackVIII
    Version: Content Restoration 0.5
    There is a mod rather similar to this, but I like this ones style a bit better. 10/10 5 Stars, Best Mod This Week -IGN
    1. Elfginther
      Author's Response
      Pohanny has done some amazing work on their HylotlStuff mod, we started developing these around the same time a couple months ago. Not much overlap, and the aesthetic fits nicely when used together. Thanks for the review!
  8. Crusism
    Version: Content Restoration 0.1
    Honestly, looking at the list: my mouth is just watering for Japanese aesthetic furniture; HOWEVER, understand that it's still being updated bit by bit - with many things in the screenshots and list seemingly missing at the moment as I've just tested and tried to search for them immediately.

    Though, this should not deter you from supporting the modder for making a wonderful return to Starbound v1.0!

    1. Elfginther
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much! I'll post some more later this evening. Doors are definitely broken.

      Try your pixel printer for everything but the anvil, just /admin and search using the hylotl tag.
  9. budido
    Version: 2.2a
    i need help, how do i obtain these items, i tried looking for the furniture but i couldnt find it in the crafting table, i really need some help thx , other than that the mod looks beutiful
  10. Inf_Wolf14
    Version: 2.2a
    Love the quality of pixel art here. Everything fals into line with the Hylotl lore expertly. I can feel my immersion levels rising...