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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. Compatibility Fixes

    Recipe error fix.
  2. Fresh Upload

    Fixed the tamari bottle error, re-uploading per comments. Sorry for the glitch.
  3. Compatibility Fixes

    Renamed assets; LobsterTrap and RiceVinegar for compatibility issues with other mods. Now CrabTrap & Tamari.

    Happy Modding!
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  4. The Fishmonger's Return!

    Hi folks. Big update here!

    The fishmonger makes his return with this update. He sells a plethora of sea fishing related food, tools and decorative objects. Complete with new npc & tenant type that take advantage of the "fishing" tag placed on numerous items in the mod. Also created a fish stick back object & market stall for him to call his own.


    You may notice our hero & his fish peddling friend sitting rather low at the table... there are now two Zabuton...
  5. Hopefully ... Temporarily Disabling Ornate Shrine

    I realized I had accidentally included Tuesday's Eyebrow asset the Ornate Shrine in the mod. Seeking permission for it to be re-included in future updates. Apologies to the author of the item for its inclusion and the community for the removal of that great art. Hopefully we can get it updated for use again.
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  6. More Bug Fixes...

    I missed the Item ID # correction on Ornate Lattice... sorry!
  7. Fixed Hylotl Bowl Override

    Just some renaming of objects to prevent my mod from overriding vanilla assets.
  8. Material ID Fix for Compatibility with Penguin Piracy

    Changed the Material ID for Ornate Lattice to fix compatibility with Penguin Piracy. Please let me know if anyone gets error messages.

    Sorry your lattices may turn to dirt blocks (it will in my game as well), this should fix things going forward.
  9. Full Recipe Fix & Unlock

    Hi folks. Much needed update here. I think I've made most if not all the items craftable on the normal crafting stations. A custom crafting system is too much of a pain right now...

    Unlock all recipes in this Mod by crafting the Calligraphy Brush from your normal crafting interface (hands only)! From there all items are available through the Furniture, Farm & Anvil crafting stations.

    Also... bonus feature. For those of you attempting to play without utilizing admin commands. I've...
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  10. Return from the Aether

    Just a few recipe fixes to make things more compatible with Tabula Rasa. Fixed the following to show up in the crafting window for 15 pixels each: Arcturan Papyrus, Traditional Stool, Glass Float, Traditional Sink, Ornate Street Lamp, Traditional Cooking Table. All the other items in the mod are available already.

    There is one that's hard to find and doesn't show up in the Tabula Rasa.
    , check the Pet Station for the Fennix Statue Tether.
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