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Kaiser Leospike in SDV 1.02

My Indie Game's Character in Stardew Valley!

  1. Modding Progress Goals:

    I am now trying to update this mod to make it a standalone, but I am also been wanting to try to implement even more features to make Kaiser not only unique, but a fun and interesting bachelor for the ladies (or if you want to make it some fangirl's lovey-dovey man fiction, than that's fine by me i guess)

    [upcoming features]
    • Standalone NPC, No more replacements
    • Unique Dialogue for certain times of the year
    • Unique Likes, Dislikes, and Hates
  2. Fixed a Minor Sprite Issue

    There was an issue of a certain sprite that was an unexpected white pixel block, We removed it, so no more of that annoying white pixel



    1. Kaiser Spritesheet.png
  3. Sprite Animations and Portraits Fixed and Readjusted!

    Thanks to @Ailin She Managed to add more animations in the sprite sheet, and no more white background, Sorry Guys for not removing the white background :3

    We even managed to Readjust the Portrait Icons, I guess we made it a bit too big... Woopsies

    Kaiser Sprite Sheet 3.png Sam.png