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Kaiser's Toybox of Stars V2 PG

Community Mods made by players for players!

  1. Download Redirectory and Other things

    Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know that i had to redistribute the download to google drive instead of microsoft onedrive because some people had been saying to me that there is an issue downloading the file, so if you have any other issues lemme know
  2. More Storage in the Box

    Hey guys, thanks to @NeoVanAlemania for his enhanced storage mod, it is now availible for use in the box!, this mod enables more storage space to all chests and storage furniture, so, if your collecting crap and don't know where to store it, put it in the chest!
  3. Updated Mods and other additions

    Hey guys, I had to update 2 mods that were hotfixed not too long ago, and to update my version string to V2 PG instead of Girrafe'd for Pleasure (since it sounded odd for certain audiences) and a good luck to all of you who decide to mess with my toybox of stars!

    *also had to update the link to another site instead of google drive*
    Have Fun!
  4. Base in a Box, going home in a box!

    Thanks @Pilchenstein for your mod to be in this, you deserve a medal!

    Basically this mod makes making a home base easier, especially if you want to make a colony for your NPC tenants!, hope you enjoy the mod!

  5. Toasty!

    Hey Guys, Special thanks to @Imblazed247 for his request, anyways, The Toasted Fish Mod is now availible in this modpack, basically it replaces the chucklefish logo with a mortal kombat themed along with the original audio of "Toasty~" so I hope you enjoy!
  6. New Mods Added!

    Hey Guys I added more mods this time, the original mods said its okay so here they are!

    Neko Race Mod (Patched for PG)
    Compact Crops
    Parkour (Updated)
  7. The Last Hotfix for Tonight

    Okay, I now removed Kawa's Extender mod, Making it only accessible to custom races by downloading it from her actual page untill i either redistribute an old extender, or making an extender myself, for now, please download her mod on her page till i get this done!
    Good night everyone and be sure to not let alien space bugs bite you tonight :p
  8. Removed Frackin

    Sorry Guys, Sayter had a rule for that stuff, oops....

    Arm Cannons
    Choke le Fish
    Jammin Tracks
    Kid's Community Mod
    More Avian Beaks
    Warframe Crossover
    Xbawks Character Extender
    Jammin Tracks
    terraria faces (Human facial update)
    Parkour (Mod is outdated though, im gonna update the mod in the next hotfix)