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Kirhos [Discontinued] 0.5 FINAL (1.0 Compat)

Cyberpunk Space Rodents!

  1. Teleport animation fix

    This fix comes courtesy of Hikitoki of the forums. I forgot to test teleporting. Hopefully this will work now!

    If you find any game-breaking bugs, please post your starbound.log file (found in Steam/steamapps/common/starbound/storage) to the forums. I won't be adding new content, but it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth if I left y'all with an unplayable mod.
  2. See you, space cowboy

    TL;DR: I will not be updating the Kirhos after this. I have changed permissions so that other people can continue working on this mod & redistribute the assets without needing to ask me. This version download includes both the modpak itself and the unpacked source for the mod both for pre-1.0 and 1.0. If you wish to continue following my creative work (including future plans for Kirhos continuation), you can find me on Twitter (@yakomeg) or on...
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  3. Where I am, what's next

    Hey all! Been a while. I thought I'd offer an update of what's been going on.

    Things have been crazy, but good on my end! I finally found a job in February and I am loving it. In light of that I'll be moving closer to work to cut down on commute time. In addition I've finally followed my dreams and started a webcomic. Exciting!

    What does this mean for the kirhos? Well, delays, if I'm honest. Right now my commute is ridiculously long, and I only...
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  4. Hotfix: Villager NPCs do not die when attempting conversation

    Sometimes I make mistakes. Other times I make huge, easily avoidable mistakes because I forget commas or quotation marks. This is one of those latter times.

    This update is exactly what the title says. Enjoy your non-dying villagers!
  5. Mostly Behind the Scenes

    Hey guys! Pretty small update; it's been a crazy couple of weeks for me. (I finally found a job!!) All that's been added to the mod proper: Apex, Hylotl, and Avians now have more things to say to Kirhos, including some teasers about other races I'd like to make. In addition, I did a slight alignment fix to the booster flames.

    Right now, if you play in nightly, you'll have an issue where the game crashes upon trying to start a new character. I know what's causing this, but I am still...
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  6. Konya wa Hurricane

    About time this updated! I know these are usually saved for Saturdays, but I was anxious to release something.

    This update adds in a completed set of Tier 5 Accelerator armor. With that, armor is halfway done!

    I will likely be updating this on a biweekly schedule for a while as I've got some other projects coming up, but I'm hoping to still resume regular updates.

  7. Bugfix: Tier 6 Separator Armor

    It was brought to my attention that, for some reason, I hadn't fixed the crafting list for the final tier of separator armor (it still pointed to tier 10 floran stuff). I changed that. Though it's placeholder stuff, you should be able to craft up all the way to the final tier of armor for all choices!

    Normal updates will resume either this week or next. Cheers!
  8. Bugfix: Koopies Remain in this Dimension

    It was brought to my attention today that sleepy koopies would blink in and out of existence when trying to use a pet house to sleep in. I figured out what was wrong here, so they will no longer do that.
    Still on hiatus, but enjoy this fix!
  9. Armor updating

    Nothing new in this patch! This simply fixes armor stats so that they're properly tagged and the stats work properly. If you play on the nightly build, the recipes for this armor now work on the new crafting tables! (If you don't, no worries-- legacy recipes are staying in.)

    I'm probably not going to update this as frequently for a little while-- I need some time to figure out what I want to do artistically while I move forward with my [fruitless] job search. I'll try to keep this...
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  10. Another Week, Another Ship Update

    Two things this week!
    • Tier 4 has been updated. It is a work in progress still, but it is much less so a work in progress than it was before this week.
    • A bunch of alignment fixes all around. The booster flames are now completely on their respective engines. Tiers 1-3 were 1 pixel off and are no longer. This has the unintended side effect of making the engines not centered, but I just spent two hours fixing alignments and that can wait until next week.
    Not a lot going...