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Outdated Kitsune Fossilized Kitsune


  1. Auuugh... conjunctivitis... why!!

    So... I got conjunctivitis in my left eye... I think I had it in my right eye last time. lol I'm pretty sure it is, because it feels the exact same way as it did last time.

    There is now a working ship with the mod! yay!! It's only very slightly shaded right now. There is no background for the internals of the ship, so if you take the wall down you will just see a black wall behind it. Also I changed the sprites for the locker, tech station and fuel hatch.

    There are some minor bug fixes that I mentioned before included... still working on the sleeves for the hakama outfit. Half-done.

    I think that's it. I hope you enjoy the ship. :)

    Screenie in link because it's large.
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