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Outdated Kitsune Fossilized Kitsune


  1. Now you're cooking with fire!

    Updates for Bronze Age Kitsune:
    * Fixed the issue with the body parts not matching.
    * Fixed the ears and hairstyles so that the ears aren't hiding inside the hair.
    * Fixed the crafting issue with the tiered broadswords (I hope); look for katanas.
    - If they do work, please let me know if the mats are reasonable.
    * Fixed a messed up part of the yukata skirt.
    * Added 5 new hairstyles for girls (can't think of any for guys, sorry).
    * Added a new invisible hat mod, it's in the crafting table for 5 pixels (cause it's made of air lol).
    * Made it so that the hair accessories share the undies colour palette. :)

    Known Issues:
    * I forgot to take out the stonebeamaxe entry in the tier1 list in the species config. If it causes your game to crash, its a simple edit... I'll remove it when I do the next update.
    * Two of the first three quest boxes are too small for the text... dunno how to make them bigger.

    Hopefully for the Next Update:
    Custom Respawn
    Kitsune Flag
    A miko hakama (shrine maiden dress).
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