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Made in Abyss - Hanazeve Medley [.abc files] 1.0

A duet/solo arrangement of the Hanazeve motif from Made in Abyss.

  1. Moonshine_Rabbit
    ~Download Information~

    The compressed file contains three versions of the song. The "Piano" and "Vox" are meant to be used as a duet with any instruments you see fit, while the "Solo Mixed" is for a single player.

    All you need to do is unpack the .abc files and drop them into your Starbound game's "songs" folder. The game should take it from there and recognize it in your playable list.

    ~Composition Information~

    This medley is made from several different themes by Kevin Penkin. The guy's a masterful madman, what can I say? Fans of the anime might recognize that most of this is "Hanazeve Caradhina", but there's also a bit of Prushka's motif for contrast and "Transcendence and Hanazeve" in the middle.

    It's got me crying in the club. :nurusad:

    The attached link is a demo using music box [Piano part] and flute [Vox part], with a bit of reverb and equalization added in Audacity.
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