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Mado's Clothes and Stuff 3.2

Some clothes I made and stuff!

  1. hotfix

    fixes a conflict with add-ons for Wardrobe Interface, due to a file I neglected to remove from a few years back.
  2. Were's Basil?

    -Oh, there he is. Huh.
  3. Aubrey Spits on You

    Come at me!


    1. aubrey.png
  4. Hi, this works for the current Starbound now.

    Also did minimal effort conversion of most wigs to hairs for humans.
  5. It lives!

    Mod should now work again for stable and possibly nightly, though I don't do nightly anymore so if it doesn't work on nightly don't complain about it. If it doesn't work for you on stable then let me know, however. Nothing new just decided to updated this to work since I've been playing again and someone posted in the disscussion thread.
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  6. I'm not dead yet!

    I think I'll go for a walk.

    -Added Chen outfit and a honkingly wonderful suprise
    *Download button takes you to Nexus because starbound website didn't like my .zip for some reason.
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  7. Really updated for new version this time.

    Don't know how I uploaded the wrong thing last time.. sorry about that, should work without any fiddling now!

    Will add more things soonish, have a few in mind just need time and motivation to do them.
  8. Updated for new Beta Version

    What the title says.
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  9. 'Another' update

    See what I did there? HAHAHAAHAAAHAH- *ahem*

    Added Misaki Mei's wig and winter uniform, wig comes in both eyepatch and non-eyepatch version.
  10. Remove the thing I thought I did last time