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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Apologies for updating so soon after updating

    Lemon drops
    Microdungeons in drowned depths biome are less populated to help reduce lag.
    Drowned depths dungeon distribution probability also reduced.
  2. I enjoy having both my lungs. I think people take that for granted too much.

    Lemon drops
    Glutt merchant tenants now continue to speak in the normal Glutt way when paying rent.

    The blue grass on thrashed planets now has 1 health instead of 0

    Changed the name of the vanilla immunity effect that blocks healing in spring water to something unique so the liquomorph helm doesn't block regeneration from a staff as well.
  3. Coming Up With These Titles is the Hardest Part of Updates

    Lemon drops
    The CTD conflict when used with Outpost Overhaul and Project Redemption is no longer a thing unless you use an older version of Project Redemption.

    Did some background stuff you won't see, at least until a much later date.
  4. Apologies to those who run servers for releasing again so soon

    Lemon drops
    Fixed load order issue with Outpost Overhaul that caused the break room to appear even when OO is there.

    Golek should no longer appear at the outpost when Outpost Overhaul is there, hopefully preventing the issue where she spawns underground, but I couldn't test for it since my outpost wasn't fully upgraded so IDK if this works. (Tell me if it does not)

    Brightened the buckles and buttons and stuff when iron colored in some of the items in Nuu cosmetic sets.

    Glutt dust mask thingies now...
  5. If you haven't read the entirety of "Bone" yet, you must do so NOW.

    Lemon drops
    Coral teas now have descriptions fit in the text box thing.

    Added a hot drinks machine.

    Added a break room to the outpost which disables itself if Outpost Overhaul is being used.

    Buildings in the added human city things have been changed a bit.

    The stupid bomb-lobbing robots have been made rarer: they now have a 0.5 out of 100 chance of spawning.

    Changed unused "mosquit" monster but it is still unused.

    Nuu town stairs ends were changed a tiny bit.

    Added space food and space drink to...
  6. YOU come up with a better name next time.

    Lemon drops
    Fixed some typos.

    Rocksaw and the Nuu sword swooshes are now vivatin colored.

    New underwear/hair accessory colors added.

    Brightened the hairband thing on hx14, hx9, hx6, hf1, hf3.

    Nuu crate tooltips increased in size.

    Shrunk some Nuu armor descriptions to fit in the text box.

    Green "stalactite" scope eyepiece thing is now a consistent color.

    Removed cooking tag from Nuu stove so now chefs won't spawn unless other cooking furniture is in the room. It also has had a slight change to its...

    Lemon drops
    Changed Glutt head sprites, skin colors.
    Added Glutt head patterns.
    Glutt head patterns are now restricted to skin colors.
    Added some new rooms to the superstructure dungeon.
    Some stuff you won't see in the back involving an unfinished mission.
    Commlinks are no longer permanent, like how anomalies are.
    Glutt emotes changed.
    Glutt species select buttons changed.
    Thrashed biomes should no longer generate as a subbiome on oceanic planets.
    Magnetin flavor text has been rewritten and no longer...
  8. your logs hand 'em over

    Lemon drops
    Changed Nuu flag description
    Fixed human ward decorative object
    Glutt flag now craftable (stupid mistake)
    Added cavalry mech legs to autounlocked recipes for Nuu (stupid mistake X2)
    Removed discoloration on complete sporgus stat and rapid injection sporgus stat
    Fixed a certain mech sprite so that the light doesn't look weird when entering/exiting
    Created ice themed pots to replace capsules in certain biomes
    Created mossy stone pots to replace capsules in certain biomes
    Glutt male body sprite...

    Lemon drops
    Added panic augment.

    Changed Pelagic Subterrane parallax.

    Changed tea sprites.

    Slight bounty dialog changes.

    Changed slurry shafts parallax.

    Added gliding when nuu are falling, empty handed, and running. I'm not sure about this, so if you guys think this is annoying or something tell me.

    Removed "permanent_wartime_economy" hairstyle. It was originally meant as a joke but I was too lazy and forgot to remove it afterwards.

    Some underground biomes now have decorative pots instead of...
  10. They say to stop and smell the roses as they crush dandelions beneath their feet.

    Lemon drops
    Thrashed bounties now should generate in oceanic type dungeons.

    Removed concrete recipe overwrite, now it just has a separate recipe.

    Altered stomper augment to work the way I originally intended.

    Added pet aggression collar that will turn your pet hostile, for if you want to defend your loot room or something.

    Added alternate versions of Cogwalathyr Punji magnet gun.

    Changed how gloom shrooms grow in the wild.

    Fixed rogue biotes logspam error caused by a stupid oversight.