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Munari Race 2.1.8, For Starbound 1.3

Adds an aquatic like race called the Munari

  1. Mech deployment fix

    Fixed mech deployment crash.
    -added starter mech body.
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  2. Quick fix

    Small fix to make munaribed craftable in munaricraftingtable
  3. 2.1.7 Update - 2017/06/23

    Finally updated this to a working version. Hopefully no major bugs.
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  4. Fixes and Hair

    -fixed tiered pants graphics
    -added more vanilla human hair to munari
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  5. Quick Fix

    -Fixed graphical bug on Tier1 pants
  6. 1.0 Update

    Quite a few features have been pulled for the time being until I can re-implement them.
    Pulled features are
    -custom tiered weapons
    -organ hunting / cooking features
    -munari outpost
    -munari dungeons

    Right now it's pretty bare bones with munari race, ship, tenants, armors + clothes, munaricrafting table with building objects. This is a pretty rough update so give me a shout if anyone finds bugs.

    Also back up your saves just to be safe.

    PS: file format has been changed to .Pak. No...
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  7. Quick Fix for colony

    -fixes the colony system. Npcs should be able to move in again.
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  8. Reworking and fixing

    WARNING: Please back up your saves and if possible create a new character. Old saves may not work right.

    Change log

    - ship has been redesigned for default game play
    - some graphics has been updated
    - ship pet has been redone and is working
    - a new hub has been added (nothing to do there yet)
    - some bugs have been fixed
    - some bugs may have been added
    - clothing has been redone
    - possibly other changes not listed

    Please notify me of any bugs in the...
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  9. Quick Fix

    -Fixed organgun item from crashing game on mouse over

    Thanks Agraael for catching that.
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  10. Updated for Pleased Giraffe

    -mod now works with Starbound version Pleased Giraffe, Update 4
    -Removed munarivillage dungeon generation for now (a bug has me stumped)

    If anyone comes across bugs let me know in the discussion area.