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New Stars with mini-Biomes themed Planets (Tiers 7 to 10) 1.24

Makes all mini-biomes appear as planets to explore in the universe

  1. Spawntypes update and other tweaks

    This update fixes the names for the spawntypes, which should make the mode compatible with frackin universe. However you'll need to travel far from the systems you already visited and explore new planets because the old ones will still use the older names which will no longer work.

    - Added Rubium Ore to heck planets. Blueprints for doom furniture can be found in the heck chests to craft the items with an industrial workbench.
    - Restaured huge biped monsters from the beta. They can rarely spawn on all planets except oil oceans. They are very strong. You can also capture them just fine.
    - Soothing Blossom and Oasis Desert planets can also spawn with a tier between 7 and 10 (instead of always 10).
    - A terrestrial version of Oil Ocean planet can spawn as a secondary region on Rusty Industry and both desert planets. The Tar terraformer enables terraforming a planet to this biome.
    - Oil oceans contain sightly more chests and more large fishes.


    1. Hugebiped attaque.png
    2. Terraformer.png
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