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Outdated Novakid+ 1.4

playable mod race of the Novakid/Anodynes

  1. Added Novakid Villager Spawner

    "What are 'humans'? We make novakid babies here. Baby."

    (Novakid+ characters now learn to make novakid spawners instead of human spawners)
  2. v. Enraged Koala Compatability

    updated the version so that it will run with the current build of Starbound
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  3. "Perfectly Generic Item" crafting fix

    fix for statue and flag appearing as "Perfectly Generic Item"s in crafting
  4. Furious Koala update + a craftable statue

    • Updated to work with client version "Furious Koala"
    • Also added a workbench-craftable statue which at the moment does nothing: anodynestatue.png
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  5. sound effects and some starter gear

    Things added:
    • sound effects for getting hurt
    • replaced apex starter sword with "rusty shovel"
    • replaced Pirate Pants with Hiker Pants in character creation
    • added the following starting recipes:
      • Novakid Flag (there's a flag, by the way!)
      • Cowboy Hat
      • Cowboy Jacket
      • Cowboy Pants
      • Sweatshirt
      • Pirate Jacket
      • Hiker's Trousers
      • Hunter's Trousers
    • Novakid know basic human food recipes at the start
    • added a few columns to the train to hint at...
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  6. illuminated ship exterior

    added some lighting to the ship's exterior; a new .shipworld file will be required (i.e. ship wipe, or new character) in order to see the changes.
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