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NovastarX's Ground Seeders 1.4

Adds Matter Synthesisers that spread grass, sand, crystals, etc. onto tiles + their Crafting Tables.

  1. Semantic Versioning Fix & Synchronization and Dependency Fix for FU Seeders

    Okay. THIS should take care of everything (fingers crossed). :nope:

    I made some minor changes to the file name nomenclature to better reflect how Semantic Versioning (the 1.0 number) works and it should now be accurate to the changes I made (with the Rotten Food fix, the new Tutorial messages, Blueprint Array fixes, etc). :geek:

    I also corrected the inclusions and dependencies in the FrackinUniverse Ground Seeders so it will now work with the Steam version of the Ground Seeders. (I tested the Steam version along with the packaged FU file and they seem to work as intended).

    And a Steam version of FrackinUniverse Ground Seeders will be out eventually. :whoop:

    And now to make more improvements and add-ons! :viking:
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