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Pandora's Box (Legacy) V4.0.2-Final

This aims to add variations to unique monsters, add uniques of it's own, and other little tweaks!

  1. Pandora's Box V3.3.1

    Hey guys! Pretty much back from my hiatus. Don't really have much in the way of content, but I figured I'd go ahead and push a quick update with some hotfixes I've made for some issues.

    --Until they undergo a rework, erchits and erchlings will no longer spawn on moons.
    I have set their spawnchance to zero. (This should hopefully mean spawns on existing moons will be affected too, and issues with swarms should cease.)

    --Adjusted the Alien Disease status effect. It does a little less damage, and the cooldown between damage taken from the effect has been increased.

    I will update you again when I have new stuff ready. See you around!
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