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Penguin Piracy (SUSPENDED DEVELOPMENT) V11.2.1

Pirates! Plunderers! Penguins! This mod adds penguin affiliated content, and much more!

  1. Priority fix

    Just changes the priority back to 1. It was lower before due to the presence of the built-in race extender a couple updates ago (which is of course, not there anymore.)

    Did this to fix any potential issues that may have been causing.
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  2. Penguin Piracy V11.2 - Read changelog please.


    -Welp, this is it guys. This is the last update I'm doing until further notice. I just don't have the time
    to update this project anymore. You may feel free to mod content for it.

    I may return to it someday.. but as of right now? I have no idea if that's gonna happen.

    ...Sorry guys.


    -By popular (Very very very very very very very VERY incessant demand...) The race extender is gone.
    But, not just gone.
    Like, Gone...
  3. Penguin Piracy V11.1.2 - Bugfix

    A fix from Hubnester for the issue with Penguin quest boss drops from mission bosses not dropping in some circumstances.
  4. Penguin Piracy V11.1 - Minor tweaks and adjustments

    Penguin Piracy V11.1 CHANGELOG

    -Penguin Piracy now utilizes the tags system on the Steam Workshop. (Falling under Species, Objects and Furniture,
    and Armor and Cloths.... as I thought that best describes it without stretching into too many categories.. :rofl:)


    -The Dreadwing Rematch boss's UFO phase is now immune to lava.
    -The DreadwingRematch boss's NPC phase now has various status immunities (including lava.)
    -All penguin piracy loot in your ship locker is now obtained from a simple...
  5. Penguin Piracy V11.0.4a - Hotfix

    Just a brief, small hotfix.

    V11.0.4b CHANGELOG


    - Made a change to prevent a potential mech issue. Dunno how it will affect existing characters.
  6. Penguin Piracy V11.0.4 - Open Asset Update

    V11.0.4 CHANGELOG


    -For the first time since early development, I am provided an already unpacked version of Penguin Piracy in this archive.

    What you do with it, is up to you. Add stuff to Penguin Piracy in submods, make patches for other mods, whatever!
  7. Penguin Piracy V11.0.3 - Another bugfix

    -Fixed an issue where the first phase of a certain boss in the mod doesn't die, and kicks the player back to their ship.
  8. Penguin Piracy V11.0.2 - Couple more bugfixes

    Hey guys. Just pushing a couple more bugfixes..

    -The penguin general helmet should now be sold by Gourmand properly.

    -Made some changes to how quest items dropped by bosses are handled, in an attempt to fix some potential incompatibility issues
  9. Penguin Piracy V11.0.1 - Minor Rockhopper bugfix

    Hey guys. Just fixing a minor bugged pointed out to my on the workshop. Rockhoppers apparently crashed when they die... can't believe I didn't notice that... Welp it's fixed now so... hooray? :rofl:
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  10. Penguin Piracy V11 - The Gentoo Penguin Update

    Hey guys! Finally here with an update, and boy do I have a lot to talk about...



    -Masked Penguins as a standalone species, are officially CUT. That addon is being deleted, and the
    assets for that species has been removed from the mod. Sorry in advance. This is a part of the
    streamlining and reworks I'm doing.

    -Since I know some will probably be asking at some point in the future: I am aware that quite a lot of penguin armor doesn't quite look right
    with some...
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