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Pet-X-Press 1.4

Your Intergalactic Pet Supply Chain

  1. Imblazed247

    Your Intergalactic Pet Supply Store
    Get Toys, Food And More!

    ** NEW Scripting thanks to the folks over @**
    **Amethystumn and Monijir's Pet Craft **
    **Go Get they're Toys Too!!**
    Totally Great Art and Scripting!!

    **Craft The PetXpress Shop From Your Basic Crafting Menu**

    Buy and Sell:

    Pet Frames/Blocks/Signs

    Spawn The Following Pets:

    Abu Frame - Abu - Aladdin
    Bob-omb Block - Bob-omb - Super Mario
    Goomba Block - Goomba - Super Mario

    Moolge Frame - Mog - FFIII/VI
    Kappa/Imp Frame - Kappa/Imp - FFIII/VI
    Zombie Frame - Zombie Enemy - Super Ghosts and Ghouls
    Raven Frame - Raven Enemy - Super Ghosts and Ghouls
    Pig Sign -Starbound Pets
    Bunny SIgn -Starbound Pets

    Pet Toys:
    Rubber 1up Mushroom - Super Mario
    Rubber Red Mushroom - Super Mario
    Rubber Superstar - Super Mario
    Rubber Mario - Super Mario
    Rubber Luigi - Super Mario
    Rubber Bone
    Rubber Brain
    Rubber Carrot
    Rubber Steak
    Rubber Burger
    Rubber Fish
    Rubber Fishbone
    Rubber Nanna
    Toy Skull
    Yarn Ball

    Pet Beds:
    Shareable Bed - Cuddle Up With Your Pets
    Hay Pile - Not Just For Piggies!!
    Abu's Monkey Jem <- May Turn Into A House ALD

    Pet Housing:
    Coffin - Super Ghosts and Ghouls
    Urn- Super Ghosts and Ghouls
    Moogle Tent - FFIII/VI
    Kappa/Imp Tent - FFIII/VI
    ?Block - Super Mario
    Rabbit Hole

    Pet Food Bowls:
    Bunny/K-9/Kitty Cruncgers Brand Food Bowls
    Happy Cat/Bow-WOW Brand Wet Food Bowls
    Meat Bowl

    Vegi Bowl
    Iced Fish Bowl
    Severed Head Brains Bowl
    Pet/Farm Trough

    Various Food Items:
    Bunny/K-9/Kitty Crunchers Kibble Bags <--To Open Use C Crafting Menu

    Happy Cat and Bow -WOW Canned Foods <--To Open Use C Crafting Menu
    Brains.....Fresh And Day Old

    More Inventory to come

    BIG THANKS TO Amethystumn for her Permissions & Mod!!
    Monijir for his Great Scripting!!
    BIG THANKS TO xxswatelitexx for his help as always

    Sorry No Longer Compatible with Purchasable Pets Due to Scripting Change

    Most Sprites are actual Game sprites edited to fit
    If you have a Pet Request from and old game you played
    Id be happy to take a shot at it

    As always any Question Comments Suggestions or even Criticisms are all welcome!!

    Remember to review if you like the mod!!
    It helps me to know im taking this mod in the right direction

    PLEASE Bug report in the DISCUSSION area NOT IN REVIEW!!!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. Pet Spawn Fix
  3. Rule Breaking Package Delivery

Recent Reviews

  1. mrcd7777777
    Version: 1.2
    I wanted this mod because the zombies :P and the crafting station isn't there
    1. Imblazed247
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the ★★★★★ Review!
      Store and Store Panel are in C menu!
  2. MrIce
    Version: 1.3
    The Link Is Broken
    1. Imblazed247
      Author's Response
      yes to avoid being deleted for bereaking rules i had to remove from dropbox links fixed thanks for the 4 stars
  3. haziel831
    Version: V.1.2
    Nice work! i'm will follow your mod close for future updates and stuffs. This mod is really awesome and i recommend to anyone who loves pets and need more pet related stuffs. Thankx for the mod!
    1. Imblazed247
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the ★★★★★ Review!
      Also the kind words!
      Pets need more fun things!
  4. miningdog12
    Version: V.1.0
    awsome now my cats have a yarn ball to play
    1. Imblazed247
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the ✩✩✩✩✩ Review!!
      I felt the same way pets needed more than just a ball!