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Pixel Furnishing 2019-11-02

A bunch of furniture I made cobbled together in a small mod.

  1. Bitfire3971
    Hello, I am the creator of the City Biome mod, may not really seem like it but I had to use my dad's account as I didn't really own the game until now.
    This mod includes a myriad of different furniture with different uses, this really isn't a themed furniture mod, it's more of a cobbled-together mod of all the furniture I had ideas for. It includes furniture that falls into 4 different categories: Protectorate, Living, Monster and Art. To craft all of this stuff, you will need to craft the Pixelflame Printer, you can at the basic Architect's Table then you'll have access to crafting the new furniture.

    Crafting Station Spawn: pixelflameprinter

    Furniture In This Mod:

    PD Board and Guide Book: A set that is a tabletop RPG.
    Al Nair Banner: A strange banner that is a splinter organization of the Protectorate.

    Lumoth Lamp: A wall lamp modelled after a Lumoth.
    Bobot Dresser: A dresser modelled after a Bobot.
    Pipkin Oven: A cooking oven modelled after a Pipkin.
    Kluex Totem: A throne modelled after a Kluex Totem.

    Beat Sword Machine: An arcade machine that plays a rhythm game.
    Crystal Music Box: A modified music box that plays a nice tune.
    Gaming PC: A PC that is strong enough to play a ton of games.
    Nav Hologram: A hologram connected to your ship's navigational systems.
    Pixel Bar Top And Table: A bar that sells the top drinks and food from across the galaxy.
    Pixel TV: A TV that plays the news.
    Toy Train: A train you place on your wall that goes in circles.

    'Rainbows of the North': A painting of an aurora.
    'Warmth in the Wild': A painting of a human camping.
    'Metropolis View': A painting of a city skyline.
    'Going Camping': A painting of a Novakid and Snugget going hunting.
    'Light in the Deep': A painting of a crystal mine.
    'Cyber Cityscape': A painting of Cyberspace.

    This mod will get updates in the future with more furniture. If you have feedback, questions, need to report a bug or want a type of furniture, be sure to type up a comment letting me know. Now that is all said and done, enjoy the mod and hope to see it in some of your builds.

    Also, Join The Official Starbound Discord If You Want: https://discord.gg/starbound
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.