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Outdated Pixel Goods Store v1.20 (Upbeat Giraffe)

Furniture, furnishings and equipment!

  1. Upbeat Giraffe update

    Update of mod resource failed yet again... here's the link that doesn't want to get update (nor the version):


    This mod is delivered in single file format and it doesn't require it's own folder, just unzip and drop pgs.modpak in your Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods folder.

    Currently Teihoo will be maintaining the mod.

    Unpacked version of the mod is available from the discussion thread:...
  2. Hi-tech item set, new mod format.

    Added 23 new items, including a 'Hi-tech" item set.

    Mod is now delivered in single file format and doesn't require it's own folder, just extract it in to your /mods directory.

    Remember to delete old 'okea' folder from /mods

    If you're getting general errors on startup with this new format, then try installing the unpacked version

    If you're getting...
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  3. Quickfix

    Quickfix for latest game version compatibility, if still getting errors - try unpacked version.
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  4. Rebranding and 'Living Stone' item set.

    - Added 22 new items, all from a new "Living Stone" item set.

    - Changed artwork on a few existing decorative objects.

    - To avoid bad press after a huge fiasco that happened in beta sector after an apex workforce rebellion over banana-shaped meatballs - board of directors decided to re-brand the company and now okea items are sold under a new brand - "Pixel Goods Store!".
    The prices still remain low, manufacturing now is even more cheaper with the floran workforce that only requires...
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  5. Human items and price drops!

    - To appease its customers demands for more liberal prices, OKEA Corporation board of directors made a bold move to outsource most menial manufacturing tasks to Apex forced labor camps in sector B. And in result - prices on all items in stock dropped by approximately 50%. Now you can purchase twice as many products with the same amount of pixels, Because at OKEA, we care!

    - Added 24 new items, including human-themed ones.



  6. "Enraged Koala", Floran items, and some more.

    Supports "Enraged Koala" game version now!.

    - Added 16 new items, including Floran-themed ones.


    - Virtual windows!

  7. Avian and Hylotl items

    Decided not to wait for patch any longer and release this update today.

    - Added 30 more items, including Avian and Hylotl-themed ones,
    Hylotl items might look a little out of place, because vanilla hylotl items are still not available in game (unless you use mods to obtain them).


  8. New items, Apex pack, re-enabled blocks.

    - Added 25 new items, including a dozen of Apex-themed ones.

    - After thorough testing block and platform objects are now re-enabled. The only way you could corrupt your character by purchasing those is by misuse of mod and/or game files (and possible not having a clean Furious Koala steam installation). It is strongly recommended not to uninstall this mod once you've purchased any custom blocks or platforms.
    - Jelly blocks were re-enabled, to access those you'll...
  9. Lots of changes

    - Added 17 new items, including Giant Jelly boss themed ones.


    - First batch of glitch-themed items are in stock, expect more themed items with future updates!


    - Added compact version of Kiosk for players with limited interior space, it's the same size as standard ship locker.


    - Racial buttons added to the interface.



    - Block and platform...
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  10. New items, new catalog and fixes.

    - Fixed curtains and blinds, now they'll keep their color after they've been moved.
    - Most of the lights can now have their light-bulb's color changed with dyeing bucket.
    - Added 20 more items to the kiosk (be careful with those air coolers, they can actually freeze you to death!).
    - Added Bone Dragon catalog, slay the beast!
    - Lowered prices of a few items.